Meri Hanikarak Biwi 22nd June 2018 Written Episode Update: Ira makes a promise to Vallabh

Meri Hanikarak Biwi 22nd June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Pushpa calling Devina and fooling her by asking her to repeat a tongue twister. Devina asks when shall I come to collect money. Pushpa jokes. Devina runs after her. Pushpa asks how do you feel now, you like to imitate others. They argue. Akhilesh asks them to calm down. He says Vallabh has come, he wants to tell something. Pushpa says sorry, tell me. Vallabh asks can I take Akhilesh and Ira with me to Jamnagar, we have Kuldevi temple there, there is a fair and havan program, they will have Devimaa darshan.

Pushpa says its good, are they good places to see. Bhavik says yes, there are many temples, there is Mount Abu too. Pushpa says they will go to Mount Abu for honeymoon. Vallabh says fine, I will book tickets. Pushpa says no, I will bear expenses. Devina taunts

what’s the use, they won’t get a child. Pushpa says I won’t spare that doctor. Devina taunts her and goes. Pushpa says sorry, Devina has this bad habit. Vallabh asks Ira why is she seeing Akhilesh and smiling, is she in love with Akhilesh.

Ira says once Akhilesh gets reversal done, then I will go from here forever, I didn’t know how I passed 6 months here. She thinks of Vallabh’s words. She says did dad say true, am I liking Akhilesh. Vallabh says I m leaving, I was helpless as a father, now everything is in your hands. She gives her mangalsutra. Akhilesh shows the ring to Pushpa. He says I want to gift this to Ira on honeymoon. Ira says you wanted my promise right, I promise you that I will never go against my work, I will leave Akhilesh after his reversal, I will take my stuff and their love from this house. Pushpa says its good, you are already married, why are you giving ring to join relation. Akhilesh says this will make relation stronger, I got to know what’s true love. Ira says I will not stay here if you say, I will come with you, there is nothing between me and Akhilesh, I promise. She cries.

She says my life will have one goal, to become a successful doctor, I will marry the guy of your choice. Akhilesh says I want to confess love to Ira. Pushpa says its great. He says once I make Ira wear this ring, I will get her. Its morning, Ira wakes up Akhilesh. He says let me sleep. She sprinkles water from her wet hair on his face. He holds her close. Tu nazm nazm……plays… His imagination ends. Vallabh shouts leave me. Akhilesh says I was caring for you. Vallabh says its not needed, you took care of Ira well, you don’t need to do this now. Akhilesh asks why are you saying this. Ira comes and says I m going to my dad’s house. Akhilesh asks why. She says I have to be there and manage house, we will meet the day when we go Malaysia. Akhilesh asks but I may need you in preparing the trip. She says don’t worry, you can call me, we can meet outside and solve it, get up now.

Akhilesh asks for Ira. Pushpa says she is going Maayka. He says yes, I have no value. She says then stop her if you want. He says she is not agreeing to me, you tell her, she won’t refuse to you. Ira comes and says I did everything ready. Pushpa and Akhilesh start emotional blackmail to stop Ira from going to Maayka. Ira says I do worry for you, so I got this pill box, I have kept alarms for reminding you to take medicines, else I will make a call to remind. Pushpa says fine, give it to me. Ira goes. Pushpa says don’t be stubborn, she is going for few days, she will come back soon.

Akhilesh says I can’t live without Ira, I think I have to do something to stop her. Ira packs her bags. Akhilesh comes to her and says if its matter of few days, why are you taking so many clothes. She says we will be going to Malaysia, so it will be easy to decide, its imp to know. He hides her medical kit. She says where is my stethoscope and books. She looks for it. He hides it under the bed. She sees him and thinks this time I have to go.

Dr. Rajat comes to Mumbai for Akhilesh’s operation. Ira and Rajat argue in the parking lot.

Update Credit to: Amena

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