Meri Hanikarak Biwi 20th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Bhoomi and Bhavik confess love

Meri Hanikarak Biwi 20th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Akhilesh holding the shade to keep Ira safe from rains. He says I m here, you take rest. She lies down. He smiles seeing her. Aaja tera….plays…. They hug and sleep. Its morning. Ira asks Akhilesh to wake up. He asks what did you do, you took advantage of me, you ruined my life. Ira says I…. He says you ruined my respect. She worries. Bhavik and Bhoomi wake up hearing the temple bell. They see the men and pandit. Pandit says congrats for the marriage. They get shocked. Bhavik asks what’s all this. Pandit asks don’t you remember. He tells everything. Pandit bleses them. They rush out. Bhavik and Bhoomi say we got married. He says sorry, we will forget this marriage, I will give you divorce if you want. Akhilesh asks Ira to answer him. He laughs seeing

her face.

He asks how did you like my acting. Ira beats him. She falls. Tere sang lagi….plays…..She says you used to stay angry, you are smiling these days, what happened to you. He says its because of love. She asks what. He says I love my life, so I got reasons to smile. She says amazing. He says you are my life. She asks what. He says nothing. She says I will do my best to win this competition, I know you kept something valuable as deposit, we will get it back.

She goes to change. He says its Lord’s sign, Ira doesn’t know that I bought that valuable thing for her. Bhoomi asks do you feel I m so bad. Bhavik says no angel, I always dreamt for you, but you will want your level of guy. She says you are like superman, you were with me always, I never said but I also like you, I love you. He gets surprised. He asks a man to pinch. He screams and says its true. He lifts Bhoomi. She laughs. He says I love you a lot. She says its lucky day for us, our wedding’s first day. He says yes, but Akhilesh won’t like this, I don’t even earn. She says money is not everything. He says till I set up business, we won’t tell anyone. She says of course, we will know each other, you have to meet me every day. He agrees. They hug.

Ira and Akhilesh wear competition costumes. She explains him the treasure hunt game. He says its fun. They get clues and read it. They go. Pushpa and Devina come there. Devina says BP will meet us here, don’t disappear. Pushpa puts a band to tie Devina. Devina shouts open this. Pushpa drags her. They look for BP. Pushpa and Devina get inside the water. They argue. Devina sees Ira and says what is she doing here. Pushpa says how can they be here. Devina says I just saw Ira, I swear, trust me, if we get her, you will be my servant forever. They follow Ira. Devina misses Ira. Akhilesh and Ira look for next clue. They get the clues.

Devina sees Rajat’s pic in the newspaper. She makes a plan. Ira says we will quit this game. The man stops them.

Update Credit to: Amena

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