Meri Hanikarak Biwi 20th February 2018 Written Episode Update: Vallabh gets disappointed

Meri Hanikarak Biwi 20th February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Pushpa removing Ira’s bangles. She asks Akhilesh not to use his power everywhere. She sends him for work. She applies cream to Ira’s hand. She tells Ira how Akhilesh’s heart broke by Birju’s cheat. Ira gets sad. Pushpa asks Ira to take care of Akhilesh. Ira says Akhilesh is a good man, a good son and good husband, vasectomy can be reversed too. Pushpa asks what. Ira says everything gets fine after marriage, don’t worry, I will learn Akhilesh smiling. Pushpa says I have hope from you, its not good to call husband by name. Ira asks what shall I call him. Pushpa asks her to call him as Aeji. She praises Ira.

Vallabh says don’t know Ira remembers or not, her result is coming today, she is not answering my calls, she forgot me and her dreams. He is on

the way. Akhilesh asks for breakfast. Ira gets breakfast and calls him Aeji. Pushpa smiles. Akhilesh asks is everything fine. He asks for four parathas. Ira serves him. She asks will he have butter. He says yes. She applies butter. Pushpa looks on and smiles. Ira holds her saree. Akhilesh asks why are you touching my feet. Ira says I was picking pin, Pushpa is seeing. Akhilesh says its good like always. Pushpa asks Bhoomi, Siddhi and Aditya to have parathas. They like the parathas. Akhilesh says my mum has magic in her hands. Pushpa says its Ira’s magic, she made tasty breakfast, I want to give her a golden chance. She asks Ira to beat the doctor’s coat and blames that doctor for ruining Akhilesh’s life. Vallabh comes there and gets shocked. Akhilesh and Ira get shocked seeing him. Ira cries. Vallabh thinks of Ira’s words. Pushpa asks him to have paratha made by Ira. He asks what, did Ira make it. He recalls her promise. Pushpa praises Ira.

She says I want to give all responsibility to Ira and go. Ira asks shall I talk to my dad. Akhilesh asks her to go. Vallabh asks Ira to beat him with slipper as well. He scolds Ira and Akhilesh. She shows the medical book. He says this dirt is on your career. Vallabh says I can’t stay here, I don’t want to see your face. He shouts on her and leaves. Ira cries. Aditya asks Devina where was she. She says I went to arrange money, I failed this car’s brakes, we will claim insurance money after an accident. Bhoomi says no, we will manage as poor. Devina asks stupid, Lakhan will drive and meet with accident, we will get money, don’t drive. They see Vallabh going and stop him. Vallabh says I came to met my daughter, I met her and leaving now. She says you don’t know happy, what’s the problem. He gets angry.

Ira comes. He asks do you know about my daughter. Devina asks who is she. He sees Ira. Ira signs no. He says I don’t have time and goes. Ira cries. Pushpa gets breakfast. Akhilesh says Vallabh left for some work, don’t worry. He hears Devina talking about Vallabh. They see Ira leaving in the car. Devina asks what, she can drive. Aditya says that car brakes are failed. Akhilesh hears them and gets shocked.

Akhilesh goes in auto and asks Ira to stop the car, the brakes are failed. Ira gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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