Meri Hanikarak Biwi 19th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Ira and Akhilesh get closer

Meri Hanikarak Biwi 19th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Akhilesh saying the task looks simple. The girl handcuffs him. She asks Ira to find the key, its part of the task, she has to save her husband. Ira worries. Akhilesh says we can give it a try. He drives. Ira looks for the key. She shouts him to see the cliff. Bhoomi begs Aditya to leave him. Bhavik follows. He puts some nail planks on the way. Aditya’s car goes out of control. Bhavik plays police siren. Aditya and his friends run. Bhavik opens the car door. She injects him. He says I came to save you, what did you inject. She says lets go before Aditya and his friends come.

Akhilesh applies brakes and takes the car revere. Ira gets the keys and frees Akhilesh’s hand. Akhilesh thinks if we lose, I will lose the ring. They complete the round. The lady congratulates

them. Ira scolds her. The lady says if you quit the game, you will lose the deposit. Ira asks what. Akhilesh says its something precious, I will tell you when I get the reversal done, trust me, we shall go now. She says I checked out from hotel, we can’t go there now. He says juts keep smiling, we can overcome this, we shall leave, it looks like it may rain anytime. Bhavik sees angel in Bhoomi. She sees superman and says I really love you, will you marry me. He agrees. They go to the temple to marry. They ask pandit to get them married. Pandit says marriage doesn’t happen this way. Bhoomi says my superman can do anything, watch him. Bhavik gets garlands. She lights a diya. They exchange garlands. Pandit asks them to take wedding rounds. Aaj se meri….plays….. Bhavik fills sindoor in her maang. They smile.

Akhilesh and Ira run and get inside the shades to get saved from rains. He says I told you, if you are with me, I will change problem into smile. She asks will we stay here. He says its not a bad place, change clothes, you will fall ill. She says yes, I got my wardrobe along, how shall I change clothes. He asks can this happen that I don’t arrange things for you, wear this tshirt, its dry till now, I m fine. She goes and wears his tshirt. She puts her dress to dry. He looks at her. Ye mausam ki baarish…..plays……….. She pulls the tshirt down and asks what. She says its better than five star hotel, where shall I sit.

He puts some tyres and covers it with dry grass. He asks her to sit. She smiles. He lights some fire. She says thanks, but I can’t sleep this way. He looks around and gets a wooden long table. He puts some grass to make it a mattress. They smile. She asks what will we eat, air? He says I will just come, stay here. She asks where are you going in rain. He goes and gets some potatoes. He puts potatoes near the fire. She asks whose fan are you. He asks what’s this. She says when we like someone a lot. He says I like Emraan Hashmi. She says oh, and makes kissing signs. He says I meant he is a good actor, nothing else. She says you know whose fan I m. He asks who. She says yours. He says don’t joke, have these potatoes, and tell me how you feel now, these two days are beautiful days of my life, this would have not been possible without you, thanks. She gets scared of thunder and hugs him. He smiles.

Akhilesh says you took advantage of my trust, you ruined my respect, what will I tell the world now. Ira says no. They play the second round in the competition.

Update Credit to: Amena

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