Meri Hanikarak Biwi 19th January 2018 Written Episode Update: Vallabh and Pushpa argue

Meri Hanikarak Biwi 19th January 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ira waking up and saying I didn’t study well. Vallabh wakes up and sees her studying. He gets glad. Indu gets tea for them. Vallabh says I will drop and pick you from exam centre. She says I will manage. He says I have always accompanied you. Indu says she has to go for mehendi. Vallabh asks what. Indu says mandir. Vallabh asks her to go. He goes. Indu asks her to get ready and go fast. Ira says I will fail today. Ira and Bhavik come to Devina mansion. She tries to get the book. Pushpa asks them why are they fighting. She asks is anything worrying you. Ira says nothing.

Pushpa says you are worried that you may fail in the exam, right. Bhavik thinks how did she know this. Ira says how did you know this. Akhilesh comes. Pushpa says I have seen the world, you

are worried about the new life, don’t worry, you will pass in the life’s test, I know you didn’t get raised by your mum, I m with you, I will teach you everything. She takes Ira and asks the lady to apply mehendi to Ira. Ira gets sad. Bhavik says our mum’s name is also Sarla. Pushpa says just think your mehendi has your mum’s blessing.

Akhilesh asks Ira why did she come here leaving mehendi rasam. Ira says what will I tell dad when he sees mehendi, I m stuck. He applies some glue on her hand and asks her to remove mehendi whenever she wants. She laughs. He asks why are you getting a laugh, your dad won’t know about mehendi, you won’t have a problem in writing exam. She says I didn’t study till now. Pushpa calls her. Ira says I went to apply clove oil to have dark color of mehendi. Pushpa says good, your mehendi color will be very dark. Ira thinks how to manage studies. Pushpa asks Akhilesh to give thandai to everyone. Ira gets her book. Bhavik says I got a smart jiju. She smiles seeing Akhilesh and thanks him.

Ira thinks how to concentrate. Everyone dances. Devina comes and says I m on painkillers, I need some sleep, please stop it. Pushpa says we won’t stop it. Devina throws money and asks them to stop the noise. She sees Ira reading a book and gets shocked.

Ira says I didn’t see you. Devina says I have seen everything, you are reading an english book. Pushpa defends Ira. Devina asks Ira to show the book. Ira says you are mistaken. Devina says you think you can fool me so easily. Pushpa says its not needed, I have kept a fast, show her the book. Bhavik replaces the book. Ira gives the book to Pushpa. Pushpa asks Devina to check. Devina gets shocked. Ira says I will go now and come back on time. Pushpa asks Akhilesh to drop Ira. Devina says Ira is hiding something big. Pushpa scolds her.

Akhilesh and Ira are on the way. He asks her to remove mehendi, so that she can meet her dad without hesitation. She removes the dupatta. He asks her what is she doing, he can’t see this. She says stupid, I m wearing jeans top within. She changes. He calls her very forward. Pushpa meets Vallabh at the temple and sees medical book. She blesses his son. He says thanks, my daughter is studying medical science. She says its not good to educate girls, their mind changes once they earn. He says all educated girls are not same, I m sure you didn’t educate your daughter. She says I have only son, he is getting married. He says you would have got illiterate bahu. They argue. Akhilesh and Ira reach the temple. He sees Pushpa. Ira talks on call and goes to Vallabh. Akhilesh worries.

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