Meri Hanikarak Biwi 19th February 2018 Written Episode Update: Akhilesh cares for Ira

Meri Hanikarak Biwi 19th February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Akhilesh feeling bad to hurt Ira. She says the wound I gave you, this is nothing in front of it. The guy’s dad comes. Ira hugs Akhilesh and says that’s my senior doctor Patel, if he sees me, I will lose my job. Pushpa, Devina and Lakhan come there and see Ira and Akhilesh hugging. Pushpa gets glad. Akhilesh says why did Pushpa come here, if doctor tells your truth. Bhoomi hides from Devina. They see Bhoomi. Devina scolds Bhoomi.

Akhilesh says its that guy’s mistake. The guy asks his dad to free him. The man asks inspector how can a girl slap his son. He asks Ira to show her face. Akhilesh makes her don ghunghat. The man asks her to show face. Akhilesh says your son misbehaved with my wife. The man scolds his son. Devina says let them celebrate valentines

in jail. Bhavik gets the reports and says there are no side effects of medicine. Inspector frees Akhilesh and Ira. They all have sweets. Akhilesh asks Devina to have sweets. Devina says I m on diet. They leave.

Akhilesh thinks of Ira. Ira comes to room. He says I want to say something. She says forget it, I was helpless, don’t scold me. He says don’t jump to wrong conclusions, I wanted to thank you, I want to gift this gold chain. She says we are not a real life couple. He says you are doing a lot for my mum. She asks how can I keep this. He says my heart wounds are his biggest sign, I m lessening my burden by giving this to you. They lie to sleep. She thanks him for gift. He promises to keep them happy. He says once my surgery happens, we will be free from this drama. She says I will do something, do you still hate me, why don’t we give our relation a new name, will you be my friend. She sees he slept and says maybe not.

Bhavik asks Vallabh why did he call him. Vallabh says I will go to meet her. He gets Ira’s result and gets glad. He gets shocked seeing results and says she got just 56%. Bhavik asks how is this possible. Vallabh says we all did mistake to support her in her madness, I knew she will lose focus. Bhavik says calm down, I will explain her. Vallabh says I can’t see my daughter’s dreams getting at stake. Akhilesh asks Ira to come out, he has to take his Id. His uniform button breaks. He asks do you know this. She says chill, safety pin will help. He asks her to be careful. He gets hurt and asks what enmity you have. She says sorry, its your fate. She gets itching. He asks what happened. He says maybe its bangles allergy. He says remove bangles.

She says Pushpa asked me not to remove it. She says our marriage is not real. She says Pushpa’s belief is real, I respect it. He asks her to take care. Ira says I will ask Pushpa what to cook. Siddhi and Bhoomi apply salt to Ira’s hands. Ira screams. Akhilesh asks what happened. Siddhi says don’t know, we just held her hand. Akhilesh says your hands have salt, it has hurt her. He takes Ira and asks her to remove the bangles. She asks are you mad. He says you have to break the bangles. Pushpa scolds Akhilesh. He shows the allergy and says Ira is hurt. Pushpa sees Ira.

Vallabh comes and sees Ira beating doctor’s coat. He gets angry.

Update Credit to: Amena

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