Meri Hanikarak Biwi 18th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Aditya kidnaps Bhoomi

Meri Hanikarak Biwi 18th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Akhilesh imagining Ira and their daughter. The family gets happy for them. Everyone blesses the baby. Ira says we will name the baby Akira. He says my daughter, Akira. They smile. His dream ends. Ira asks what are you thinking, that you are smiling. He says I will tell you once my operation happens. Devina comes back to the hotel and says Pushpa will beg on roads, I m really happy. She rests in the hotel. She shouts ghost….. Siddhi and Bhoomi get proud seeing Aditya working hard. Bhoomi says we should do something to appreciate his efforts. Siddhi asks but what. Bhoomi says we will make badam milk for him, its good for the brain. Siddhi says you do this, I have to go and chill with my gang. She goes.

Aditya says thank God, Pushpa gave me her bank account password,

I got rich again. Bhoomi snatches the pendrive from him. She asks were you acting good. He says yes, I also fooled Pushpa. She says I won’t let your plan get successful. He takes the pendrive back. She says I will complaint in police. He says you will do it when I let you go. He takes her. Ira asks receptionist about Rajat. The lady says Rajat isn’t available, you have to wait for two days and deposit money. Ira and Akhilesh worry. He says Rajat is doing my operation for free. The lady says yes, but these are hospital charges. Pushpa says when I was finding you in the temple…. She recalls finding Devina and crying. A man helps her. Devina says I was scared, thank God you came back. Pushpa keeps knife at her neck and asks did you leave me alone here.

Devina says I can’t believe this, I got you here to make you meet BP, I found out that he is coming to water park, you don’t come with me, else you will blame me again. Pushpa says you did much shopping. Aditya takes bhoomi in the car. Bhavik sees this and says angel is in danger. He follows the car. Akhilesh counts the money. She says its because of me, I m harmful for you, I wasted money. He stops her. She says I won’t be with you. He says I m here because of you, I feel like living for myself, its lifetime memories for me, I don’t regret, operation will happen if it has to happen, Lord will show a way. A guy gives them a flier. She says there is a best couple competitions, we can win money, we got a way, its last date for entry, come. They leave. Bhoomi asks Aditya to stop the car.

Aditya gets his friends and asks them to control Bhoomi. His friends ask what are you doing, why are you kidnapping your sister. Aditya says I will explain later. He says sorry Bhoomi, I have to inject this to make you quiet. She gets shocked. Ira says we have to keep some deposit, we have no money. Akhilesh says I will do something, don’t worry, fill the form. He tells the woman that he doesn’t have money, but he has something precious item for my wife, I will deposit that thing and assure that we won’t leave competition mid way. The lady says sure. He gives her the ring. He translates using the app and asks her to keep the ring safe, don’t tell anything to my wife. The lady agrees. Akhilesh says work is done. Ira asks how did you convince her. He says I m Banarasi, we have to win the competition.

Akhilesh and Ira drive the car and do the task. Ira looks for the keys. She shows him the cliff.

Update Credit to: Amena

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