Meri Hanikarak Biwi 18th April 2019 Written Episode Update: Akhilesh gifts Ira a saree

Meri Hanikarak Biwi 18th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kunika’s phone vibrates. She puts it on silent and looks in Akhilesh’s direction. He closes his eyes hurriedly. He glances at everyone. Kunika notices him setting her saree on fire but does not react. Ira senses heat and opens her eyes. She tries to save Kunika but Akhilesh stops her. She wonders if it is his way to find out Kunika’s truth. Kunika is getting afraid. Mishri smells something foul and opens her eyes. She points at Devina’s saree. Everyone panics. Kunika pretends to be unaware of it. What caught fire? Mishri throws water on her which puzzles her. Devina shares that her saree caught fire. Mishri saw it and has doused it now. How did it happen? Adi points at Ira. Ira tries to explain but Devina tells her to shut up. Pushpa postpones the puja. Pundit ji and the neighbours leave.

Kunika asks Ira why she did this. Devina asks her to come on their side. Pushpa shouldn’t have let her be a part of this puja. Shame on you, Ira! Ira’s attempts to say anything go unheard. Pushpa asks Mishri if she saw what her Mapu did. You said everyone is equal in front of God. Akhilesh stands up. I lit this fire! Kunika asks him why he did this. Akhilesh replies that it was important to prove out Kunika’s innocence to Ira. He turns to Ira. Poor Kunika did not know about the fire. You lost the bet! Now you will have to do as I say! Devina suggests him to throw Ira out of the house. Akhilesh tells Ira to stay away from Kunika after today. Devina is taken aback. That’s all? Akhilesh stays put. Ira wont speak to Kunika after today. Kunika cries in front of Pushpa who takes her inside.

Mishri apologizes to her Mapu. Even I thought it was you who set that fire. Why do you doubt Khalnayika aunty? She is indeed blind. Ira declines and so does Vansh. He asks Ira that it was a surprise to see Mamu take her side. This is how the relations of heart are. You will understand when you grow up. How will I bring out Kunika’s truth before Akhilesh by staying away from her? She walks away. Mishri is in a fix as to who to trust. Mapu is a doctor. She can tell who is blind and who isn’t. Kunika’s phone starts ringing. Kunika comes downstairs using her stick. Mishri gives her her phone. Kunika speaks to Sameer. Mishri suddenly realises that Kunika took Sameer’s name the moment she picked the call. How did she know it was him? It means she can see and Mapu is right! Vansh says finally you understood.

Devina asks Kunika why she dint react. Are you really blind? Kunika tells her to relax. I knew Akhilesh was going to do something like this. I had decided that it is okay if I get a little burnt also but Mishri saved me at the right time. Ira got blamed for it. This way, Akhilesh will throw Ira out of the house very soon! Mishri overhears it. I am innocent like Bapu but I am also smart like Mapu. Just wait and watch what I do now, Khalnayika aunty!

Ira is ready for office. She asks Akhilesh to give her lift as they are going to same office. He tells her to wait and asks her to come to his side. I have to give something. She is hesitant but he insists. She goes out of the house and rings the bell. Next, she greets him as his PA. He asks her what this time pass is. She explains that the one on the other side was Mishri’s Ma. I couldn’t cross that line. Now I am your PA. Did you want to give me something? He gives her a box. She asks him who it is for. He says it is for a mad girl named Ira Desai. She looks at him blankly. It is a saree. He tells her that the clothes she is wearing don’t suit her much. You look better in a saree. They look at each other. He does not let her say anything. The Ira Desai I know is thrilled to see sarees. Wear it and meet me in office asap. Ira gets emotional. She compliments the saree noticing Kunika coming there. It is so beautiful and my favourite colour! I only have to win his heart now! She hums a song in front of her to taunt her. Kunika fumes. I have to think of something!

Akhilesh is on call with someone when Ira enters wearing the saree he had gifted. He looks at her mesmerized. Beautiful! Gorgeous! Ira asks him if he said something. Akhilesh denies. Pankaj sent me some designs. I was talking about that only. She nods. Pankaj is on speaker. You just said you don’t like them? Akhilesh says I was checking the other slides. They aren’t bad. He ends the call hurriedly.

Ira asks Akhilesh to dictate the emails to her. She can send them. he gets lost looking at her. She asks him why he is looking at her. Don’t I look good in saree? He denies. It is nice. I was thinking about something. I was distracted. Ira is finding it difficult to hold herself back from smiling. She murmurs that he isn’t careful which is why Kunika is fooling him. He asks her if she said something. She denies. I will bring Dictaphone. She feels a sprain in her leg as she turns. He asks her why she wore heels. You get backache when you wear heels. She nods. I wore them after a long time. I could wear them earlier as you were there to take care of me. Now there is no one. They both go silent for some time. She decides to show it to doctor to make sure it isn’t hairline fracture. He points out that it is on 3rd floor. How will you go? She assures him she will go but he lifts her in his arms. Kunika enters with the kids just then. Mishri calls them like hero and heroine. She tells Kunika everything in detail. Akhilesh puts Ira on the sofa. I lifted Ira as she got a sprain in her leg. What are you guys doing here? Mishri shares that they had to bring Kunika for a doc visit. He sends the kids to bring a pain relief spray.

Akhilesh helps Kunika sit down. Ira tells Akhilesh that she also needs a massage. Kunika calls it rubbish. Why would Akhilesh do it? Ira replies that she could have asked her but she is blind. Akhilesh tells Kunika it is okay. She got a sprain in her leg. He turns his attention to Ira. She intentionally lifts her saree a little higher so he can massage her leg. Kunika looks away angrily. What are you doing Akhilesh? He tells her he is almost done. He twists her leg and fixes the sprain. Stop wearing heels. Mishri returns with the spray just then. Ira tells her that her Bapu’s strong hands fixed her sprain. We don’t need it now. Mishri says let’s increase Kunika aunty’s pain now. Kunika is taken aback. Vansh covers up for her. Doc said he has an interesting solution for Kunika. Kunika wonders what is Mishri speaking about.

Precap: Kunika tells Akhilesh she can see everything clearly now. Akhilesh tells Kunika that it meant she never lost her eyesight. Kunika looks at him in surprise. Ira finds out that Kunika is pregnant. It isn’t Akhilesh’s kid! I must tell Akhilesh. Kunika makes her unconscious using chloroform kerchief.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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