Meri Hanikarak Biwi 17th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Mahira helps Akhilesh

Meri Hanikarak Biwi 17th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Mahira accepting her lie. Ira gets angry. Akhilesh says I will ask your dad about my dad, you don’t know my anger. Mahira’s dad goes to have betel. Mahira says my dad hates Brijesh, he will not leave you all. She takes selfie. Mahira’s dad says Mahira will leave in some days, I wish this relation stays strong always. He sees Brijesh’s pic in the newspaper. He gets angry and shouts. He says I hate you, I hate Brijesh Pandey. Fatto calms him down. He says I will not leave his family. They get shocked.

Ira asks Akhilesh to talk to him later. She takes him. Akhilesh says Mahira is lying to us, she doesn’t know about dad. Ira says her dad got angry hearing of Brijesh. Devina says why did Brijesh get enmity with this man, we are also in danger, he shouldn’t

know that we are Brijesh’s family. Mahira’s dad hears this and asks who is Brijesh’s family. Pushpa says we don’t know. He gets angry. He says I want to keep engagement right now. He asks them to come. He goes. Ira says we have to do something that he breaks engagement, when he goes, we can follow him and know Birju. Devina asks why will he break the relation. Akhilesh says I know what to do to break this relation. He follows Fatto and keeps his poster. Chandu asks is this necessary to tell them. Akhilesh says there is no way. Fatto gets busy on call. Akhilesh says she isn’t seeing the poster. He blows fan to make poster fall. She gets the poster. She gets shocked and laughs reading it. She faints. Akhilesh asks Chandu to wake her up. Chandu sprinkles water on her and runs. She gets up and takes poster. Akhilesh says engagement will break, don’t worry. Fatto comes to stop engagement. She says Akram’s vasectomy has happened. They get shocked.

Mahira’s dad sees poster and laughs. He says this isn’t Akram in pic. He asks them to proceed for engagement. Akhilesh says I want to talk to you. Pushpa worries. She says yes, you are right, the guy is this poster is my son, he is Akram’s twin brother, I had sold him in childhood. They get shocked. Pushpa says we are not good people, I m a bad mother, poverty made me do this sin. Mahira says if they sell me too. Her dad says no way. Akhilesh goes to Pushpa. She says I m doing this to stop the engagement, I can’t lie more, Akram wanted to tell you truth. Mahira scolds Akhilesh for cheat. She says rich people are ill mannered, I don’t want to marry you. They ask for relation breaking. Mahira returns the earrings and gives the room keys. She says my dad has kept your dad caged in a room, I heard my dad and got keys from him, I will go away with them, you free your dad. Mahira and her family get leaving. Everyone gets laughing. Akhilesh shows the keys of the room where Birju is locked up.

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Update Credit to: Amena

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