Meri Hanikarak Biwi 15th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Pushpa brings Ira and Akhilesh closer

Meri Hanikarak Biwi 15th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Vallabh thinking to separate Akhilesh and Ira. He acts to fall and says I got a leg sprain. Akhilesh asks him to take rest till he gets fine. Vallabh says fine, if you want me to stay. He goes to room. He likes the soft mattress and says I will sleep on this bed. Pushpa says think its your home. Ira says show me if there is any fracture. He says no, let it be, you won’t know, you aren’t any doctor, go and rest. Pushpa says don’t worry, you sleep with me tonight Ira. Ira goes. Vallabh thinks I separated them for the night and very soon I will separate them forever. He asks Akhilesh not to care for him and go. Vallabh thinks he thinks he will impress me and get Ira’s hand. Akhilesh asks him to change clothes and goes. Akhilesh doesn’t get sleep. Vallabh stops him

and says I sleep this way, don’t move, else my sleep will spoil. Akhilesh says I understand, don’t worry. He massages Vallabh’s head. Vallabh says let it be, else I will really sleep. He tries to be awake and guard Akhilesh. Vallabh sleeps. Akhilesh goes to meet Ira. Ira goes to Akhilesh. They see each other. Pushpa sees them taking care of each other and compliments. She locks them in room and goes.

Akhilesh asks why did you lock me. Pushpa says I know you are making an excuse to stay together, I will sleep somewhere else. She goes. Ira asks Akhilesh why did he get her brush, what would Pushpa think, she gave us Laila Majnu title. Akhilesh smiles and looks at her. Tareefan….plays… Ira signs him…She moves him. He keeps smiling. She hits him and asks what, I m scolding you and you are smiling. He says now I can sleep in peace as I have seen your face, I mean I like to get your scolding. Saiyyan…..plays…. Ira smiles. She asks him to sleep now, else she will beat him.

He thinks if I knew love is so sweet, I would have fallen in love before, but maybe Lord wanted me to just love Ira. Devina talks in sleep. Pushpa wakes her up and laughs. Devina and Pushpa argue. Devina falls down the bed when Pushpa rests. Vallabh wakes up and looks for Akhilesh. He falls down at the stairs and screams. Pushpa and Devina have a pillow fight. They hear him and go to check. Pushpa asks why are you here. Pushpa asks Devina to help. Devina steps on his feet. He screams again. They get him to the room. They get tired. Devina says I helped you, just sleep in my room quietly. He asks Pushpa is she living in Devina’s room.

Devina asks him to talk to Pushpa and goes. Pushpa says Akhilesh and Ira were finding ways to meet, so I have let them sleep in my room. She goes. Vallabh gets angry and says I have to find some way to make Akhilesh and Ira away. Its morning, Vallabh dines with everyone and makes sure Ira and Akhilesh don’t eat in same plate. He says I will stay here till I get fine. Akhilesh serves him food. Ira gets a call. She signs Akhilesh to come. Akhilesh goes to her. Ira says your reversal date is fixed, we were waiting for this day, everything will get fine in 5 days, you will be normal, I m very happy. She hugs him. Vallabh comes and sees them. They get away.

Vallabh asks Akhilesh to guarantee the form for Ira’s study loan. He gets his sign on divorce papers. Ira also signs the papers.

Update Credit to: Amena

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    Vallabh you are thinking very wrong way… Plzzzz understand their true love…

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