Meri Hanikarak Biwi 15th January 2018 Written Episode Update: Akhilesh agrees to marry Ira

Meri Hanikarak Biwi 15th January 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Akhilesh saying I m taking you to a mental hospital, you are mad to think you will marry me. She asks what. He says I m not a man. She asks what are you saying, vasectomy is not related to manhood, you are still a man. He says I hate myself, don’t come close, you forget what you did, people laugh on me, my relations broke, you want to get married to me. A man throws a burning paper and it falls on Akhilesh. He asks Ira to leave him alone. She runs and saves him from fire.

Devina dances to relieve stress. Her children think what is their mum doing. Devina asks them to find about Irawati. She says we can get info about her. Desai comes to get some papers signed. He asks her to continue dance. Devina asks him to leave. He compliments her fitness. He does garba.

She stops him. She praises his dance and dances with him. She asks him about Irawati.

He says I m a lawyer, not a Gujarati girl finder, I m still a bachelor. She asks him for some help. He helps her in her search. She asks him to leave now. Ira tells Akhilesh that she is really harmful for him, but she wants to protect him now, she wants to fight for him and repent for her mistake. She tells him that she can’t become good like him but she wants to make a try. He says you said you don’t want to fall in love or marry. She says I can’t see your mum in problem, there is no way now, I want to marry you, it will be fake and just a pretension for us, we will arrange money for reverse surgery. He says I can arrange it. She says no, its my mistake, just say yes for marriage. He asks how shall I, marriage is a pure bond, not any game, how can I lie to Pushpa, lies just increases distance. She says I will end the distance, once your operation happens, I will do from your life, just marry me, give me a chance, I can solve your problem. He holds her hand. Siddhi sees them and clicks pic. She calls Devina and says I have clicked pic of Irawati and Akhilesh.

Devina praises her. Siddhi gets extra pocket money and sends the pic to Devina. Devina says I will find Irawati’s secret. Devina calls Vallabh and says Indu Desai has given your number, I wanted a small favor, I want info about Gujarati girl. He says I m busy, call me later. She says please, its a mum’s request, my son wants to marry this girl else he will die. He asks her to send girl’s pic to him. He thinks Ira didn’t marry till now. He gets Ira and Akhilesh’s pic. It downloads slowly. Maniben comes. Vallabh doesn’t see the pic. He says Ira doesn’t want to marry now. She returns Ira’s pic. Desai comes home and asks why did they come, did Devina call him. Vallabh says yes, she was asking for some girl’s info. He takes the phone and shows to Desai. Ira comes home. Desai gets shocked seeing the pic. Ira says I need to talk to you, its something imp, I took a decision. Vallabh asks what decision. She says I…. Desai makes the tea fall. Desai asks Ira how can she make a big mistake. Ira cries. She says I did a big mistake, am I making any mistake again. He says you are lucky that Akhilesh is a good hearted man, else anyone would have cancelled your degree, we would have come on road, you decided to help Akhilesh, I m with you. She thanks him. She says I will tell this to dad. He asks her not to tell Vallabh. He says I have deleted the pic from his phone. He goes. She worries.

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Update Credit to: Amena

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