Meri Hanikarak Biwi 15th February 2018 Written Episode Update: Akhilesh gets arrested

Meri Hanikarak Biwi 15th February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Pushpa saying pizza looks good, shall I taste it. Devina says villagers don’t eat it. Ira says I have made parathas for you. Pushpa gets glad. Ira goes to clean kitchen. Akhilesh comes and says I have taught cooking to Ira. He sees pizza and asks what’s this, did Ira make this. Pushpa says yes, she has made it. He goes to give her gift. Ira says now they will not mess up with me. Bhavik says how will Bhoomi have chilli pizza. She asks him to go and rest. Akhilesh gifts her a gift for her ritual.

She sees Ramayan. He says this is not just a book, Ram didn’t differentiate between Kaikeyi and Kaushalya, same way I don’t want to differentiate between my mums, Sita has also respected both mums same way, I have a request, till you are here, love and respect

them same way, its my first day at office, I will go. Ira says Sita won’t add chilli in pizza, I have to stop them. She asks Devina not to eat pizza. Devina asks what’s wrong with you. Ira says its not good. Devina says I will eat it and say its good or not. Pushpa argues.

They all eat pizza and drink water. They run away. Pushpa laughs. Ira says it got spicy. Pushpa says it happens. They all have coconut water and get a relief. A man delivers medicines. Devina checks her purse and says what if I show a syrup info, can you tell me what is it. He says yes. She shows the bottle. He says its narco serum. She asks what’s the meaning. He says person just tells the truth after having this. She asks about side effects. He says yes, it has. She pays him money and sends him. She says Ira gave this to you, she is not clever than me, Ira did a big mistake.

Ira asks Akhilesh to have food. She insists and asks him to taste it. He says its not harmful. She says I don’t harm always. He says impossible, its not harmful. She says parathas are nice, accept this. He shows his clothes burning by iron and says you did this. She asks did I do this. He says you have disturbed me. He goes.

Akhilesh gets ready and takes Pushpa’s blessings. Pushpa asks Ira to pack lunch for him. She says Ira will do aarti, I m free of all duties, I m loving this, I m going temple. She goes. Ira does Akhilesh’s tilak and aarti. He says feed me curd and sugar, go. She gets it. He says how did she become doctor. She feeds him. She says I will finish this. He says its prasad, what will others have, till I come back, don’t burn this house. She asks him to take tiffin. He says you shouldn’t call from behind. She says you forgot your tiffin, have it. He taunts her that she did aarti, so danger can come anytime. She says no danger will come. Police comes and asks is this Ira’s house. Ira says yes, I m Ira. He says we have come to arrest you. Akhilesh asks what did she do, who filed the complaint against her.

Devina says I have filed it, you can’t think what she did. She shows the truth serum she has used without prescription. She says its a crime to use this, the side effects of this is it can make a man impotent, did you want to make my son impotent like your husband. Ira says Akhilesh is not impotent, and this medicine doesn’t have such side effects. Devina asks really, are you a doctor to know it. She asks inspector to arrest Ira.

Akhilesh stops her. Devina says its about Aditya’s future, even Pushpa would have not left her, she will get senses after being in jail. Ira gets sad. Akhilesh takes the blame. Devina says don’t cover her crime, don’t emotionally blackmail me. He says I don’t expect this, its your right to get upset. She says fine then, inspector arrest him. He stops Ira from saying anything. He gets arrested. Devina says Pushpa will throw out Ira knowing her son got arrested because of her.

Pushpa comes home. Devina asks Ira to say. Pushpa asks is there any special day, young couples were saying about valentines day. Aditya goes to wish Roshni. Pushpa asks what’s this love. Ira says its lovers’ day, people express love. Pushpa says its Akhilesh and your first valentines day. Devina asks where will they celebrate, in jail? Pushpa asks why jail. Devina says police took your son, this happened because of this girl. She tells everything. Pushpa gets shocked. Ira asks her to listen. Devina asks Pushpa to kick out Ira, she will ruin Akhilesh’s life. Pushpa cries for Akhilesh. Ira thinks Pushpa can get unwell, I have to free Akhilesh from jail, but how….

Pushpa says promise you will free Akhilesh and celebrate valentines day with him. Ira takes the gun from inspector and asks him to arrest her.

Update Credit to: Amena

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