Meri Hanikarak Biwi 14th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Vallabh opposes Akhilesh’s love

Meri Hanikarak Biwi 14th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Pushpa and Bhavik taking disguise and making Bhoomi smile. Bhoomi laughs. They smile. Bhoomi hugs Pushpa. The lady comes to Akhilesh and Ira and takes her baby. She says our daughter was stolen from hospital. The man thanks them. The baby cries. Ira doubts and thinks why is this lady not able to calm the baby. She stops them. She asks them what’s the proof that they are baby’s parents, where is birth certificate. The lady scolds Ira and insults Akhilesh. They start blaming. Ira says stop, if this is your baby, tell me about her mark of identification, where does she have a black mole. The lady worries. Bhavik says your smile is much imp. Bhoomi smiles.

Pushpa says a true friend’s friendship makes a person smile, make Bhavik your friend, he has planned this

drama to make you smile. Bhoomi asks really. Bhavik says I can’t see angel sad. Bhoomi asks will you become my friend. He says I m ready to become best friend. They hold hands. She laughs. Ira asks the lady to answer. Lady says I can say, its behind her ear. Ira says wrong, its on her foot. The lady pushes her and runs. Akhilesh asks her if she is fine. Ira asks him to save baby. They save the baby. Akhilesh beats the man. Police reaches and arrests the couple. The real parents come and take the baby. Inspector thanks Ira for helping them nab thieves. The baby’s parents bless Ira and Akhilesh to have a child soon, the child will be luckiest in the world. Ira sees Akhilesh. They go to have bhel puri. She says you were going to give something. He says not now. She says you are strange. She gets a paper and says it looks like someone’s love letter. He gets shocked and thinks its his love letter. He says give it to me, its not good to read someone’s love letter. She asks don’t you have work that you are giving free fund gyaan. She reads the letter and says it seems the guy is from your village.

She says its a cute love letter, I wish I got such a letter, I would have said yes to him instantly, lets see the name of the Romeo. Akhilesh takes letter and gives her chaat. He goes to pray. He says I got the sign now, you got the baby in Ira’s lap, its your miracle, I got to know that Ira values motherhood a lot, I will tell her my feelings when my reversal operation happens. Vallabh talks to some one. He sees Akhilesh and thinks what is he doing here. Akhilesh throws the letter. Vallabh gets it. Akhilesh prays. Vallabh gets shocked reading the letter and crushes it. He gets angry. Akhilesh gets the bhel and sits eating. Ira eats chilli. Akhilesh feeds her sweet bhel. She feeds him the spicy one. Vallabh sees them together. Vallabh thinks Akhilesh misused my trust, he has no right to love my daughter, they have to get separated, I will separate them. Ira and Akhilesh come home and talk about the baby.

Pushpa asks what’s the matter, its good to see you smiling. She shows Vallabh to them. Ira hugs him. Akhilesh greets him. Vallabh thinks liar, cheater, you made big promises to me, how dare you fall in love with Ira. He hugs Akhilesh tightly to hurt him. Ira asks the matter. Pushpa asks did Akhilesh do any mistake. Vallabh says yes, he did a mistake, my daughter forgot me because of his love. Pushpa laughs. She asks him to come and have food.

Ira says I will get another plate. Pushpa asks her to have it from Akhilesh’s plate, as they share tea from same cup. Vallabh gets angry. Pushpa says they have much love. Akhilesh folds hands to Vallabh.

Ira says your reversal date is fixed, I m very happy. She hugs Akhilesh. Vallabh says no, I won’t let this happen.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. ShraddhaSharma392

    1. Pushpa and bhavik were looking soooooo funnny…?????????

    2. Puspha ne toh devina ke style ki band baja kr rakh di…????

    3. Bhavik ki to lottery nikal gayi… Pushpa ne bhavik or bhoomi ki dosti jo karva di hai…?????????????

    4. Abhi to pyar ke Dhai Akakar Ira and Akhilesh ne padhe bhi na the ki ira ke papa ne villian ka kaam kr diya…??????? he will trick ira and akhilesh into divorce..

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