Meri Hanikarak Biwi 14th February 2018 Written Episode Update: Ira feels guilty

Meri Hanikarak Biwi 14th February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ira misunderstanding Akhilesh’s state and treating him. He says I was gargling, can’t you let me brush my teeth with peace. She gets angry on him. She goes to washroom and gets toothpaste for him. He says toothpaste doesn’t have salt. She says this has salt. He says just make sure you make good parathas. She says you see how I cook. He asks her to take bath first. Pushpa comes and asks Ira did she not take bath yet. Ira says Akhilesh was in bathroom, I was waiting till now. Pushpa asks him not to trouble Ira. He says its my first day of job today. She says its good news, Ira is lucky for us. She asks him to make the bedding proper. They worry seeing stethoscope. Akhilesh covers it. Pushpa asks him to arrange a gift for Ira. He agrees.

Ira comes for her

first rasoi. Pushpa says we will beat this doctor’s coat so that we don’t forget to take revenge from that harmful doctor. Ira feels sad and thinks how shall I tell you, I m that doctor. She asks why to do this before a good thing. Pushpa says yes, you are right, we will not do this today. She makes Ira do the puja. She asks her to cook good food, then her husband will be in her hands. Devina asks Ira to control her husband by mind. She says I m also Ira’s Saas, I can give her suggestion. Pushpa says I want to make her good valued like me. Devina says I can teach you to control Akhilesh. Pushpa argues. Ira starts dancing and goes Garba to distract them. She stops their fight. She says I will make aloo paratha. Devina says we won’t have it, make a cheese pizza. Ira worries. She says we will have parathas, just try it once.

Devina asks why are you so tensed, don’t you know cooking anything else than paratha. Ira says no, nothing like that, ingredients aren’t there. Aditya says I have got all the things. Pushpa asks Ira to make pizza. Bhavik guides Ira and says its Aditya’s recipe book. Aditya gets a call and talks to his GF. He sees Ira reading the book and following it. He says she is reading my book, it means she is literate. Devina says I m very hungry. Aditya goes to Devina and says Ira is literate, she is reading my recipe book. Devina says I should go and help Ira. Pushpa says I m her saas, I will go. They go and see Ira reading the recipe. Devina says Ira is reading recipe. Aditya says how is she reading english. Devina says how can she read english, it means she knows english. Ira worries. Ira says I don’t know english, I was seeing photo, Devina requested, so I had to make it, I won’t let my first rasoi fail. Pushpa smiles. She asks Devina and Aditya to get out. She scolds Devina for blaming Ira.

Ira says I m making this for the first time. Pushpa says its big thing you are making this, we will have it, don’t worry. Pushpa goes. Ira feels guilty and eats chillies. She says I will punish myself like this. She adds chilli powder over the pizza to punish Devina.

No Precap

Update Credit to: Amena

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