Meri Hanikarak Biwi 13th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Ira and Akhilesh look after a baby

Meri Hanikarak Biwi 13th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Akhilesh running after the thief for his wallet, which contains his love letter. He says it has my life, return my wallet. Ira runs after them. He catches the thief and says show me my wallet. Thief says I didn’t steal it. Akhilesh says it has my imp thing, return it, else I have to use another way. He turns him upset and gets his wallet out. He asks why did you lie. He gets the letter and asks why did you steal. Thief says don’t call police, I was helpless and had to give school fees of children. Akhilesh asks him to keep all the money and buy chocolates for kids. Ira looks on. Thief thanks him and picks his stuff. Akhilesh asks him not to steal anyone’s wallet. He thinks I got my love letter.

Ira asks him what was this, does anyone give wallet to thief like

this, you ran as if it had a diamond. He says there was something more precious, I had kept clove and cardamom. She asks what. He says this is the right time baby. He gets the letter. The letter flies off. She asks are you fine, you are behaving strange. He goes to pray. He asks Bajrang Bali why is he taking his test, is this not the right time to tell my feelings to Ira. She says just see what I got. He says did she get my love letter. He sees her playing with a baby. He asks whose baby is this. Ira says I heard a baby crying and found her, don’t know who are her parents. He says who leaves child this way.

She says this tag has hospital name, I will call, just hold the baby. She calls the hospital and informs about the baby. She says they are informing the baby’s parents and asked us to stay here, hold the baby’s neck well. She pacifies the baby. He smiles. He says you seem to have good experience. She says yes, Bhavik was young when mum left, so I looked after him. She gets a bad smell and asks Akhilesh to have more parathas. He says I didn’t do anything. She says maybe its the baby, get a diaper for her. Bhavik cheers up Bhoomi. He says I made pan cakes for you. Devina says your stupid pan cakes can’t make her smile, I know what she wants exactly, come on move away. He goes. Aditya and Siddhi show some guys’ pics.

Aditya says they are city’s most eligible bachelors. Devina says they are good valued like Akhilesh, they are super rich, see him, Harsh has a private yatch, don’t say anything about your pregnancy. Bhoomi tears the pic and says I won’t marry on the basis of laws, the guy should accept me with all my flaws and past baggages, Akhilesh doesn’t lie like you, I m fine alone, I don’t want to marry anyone. Devina asks what happened to you. Bhoomi says Pushpa and Akhilesh stood with me, Ira worries for me, you organized a party for me and didn’t realize that I didn’t need that, I needed someone to console me. She goes. Devina asks Aditya and Siddhi to leave. Pushpa looks on.

Ira changes the baby’s diaper. He says I m fainting. She says even Pushpa used diapers for you when you were a little, take this. He throws the dirty diaper away. She takes the baby. He asks why is she crying. She says you talk to her with love. The baby gets calm. She says maybe she thinks we are her parents. He looks at her. They go and sit. He tries to get a hoarding. He blocks the sunlight. Ira smiles. He says baby’s smile is so lovely. Ira says her eyes talk a lot, she is thanking you for getting a shade. She says I don’t know how can any mom leave her child, some people don’t value children.

He says yes, you know their value, how did her mom leave her. Ira says let the lady come, I will teach her, even my degree has no value in front of this happiness. He says I will try to calm the baby. He tells a story of Shri Ram and Hanuman. Ira laughs. Baby also gets calm. Ira says Pari didn’t understand anything. He asks Pari. She says yes, daughters are fairies. Devina says how dare Bhoomi talk to me like this, I provided her the comforts. Pushpa comes to her. She says when Birju was here, I was short of money in Banaras, I couldn’t buy new clothes for Akhilesh’s school, he doesn’t have any regret, but I have showered much love on him, he respects me a lot, Bhoomi wants your love and sympathy, money has no value. Devina scolds her. She says Birju is not in our life because of you, if you create a wall between me and Bhoomi, I will never forgive you.

Ira gets the letter. She says its someone’s letter. Vallabh gets Akhilesh’s love letter and reads it. He sees Akhilesh and Ira and thinks I will separate them.

Update Credit to: Amena

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