Meri Hanikarak Biwi 12th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Akhilesh writes a love letter

Meri Hanikarak Biwi 12th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ira getting Bhoomi and showing the havan going on. She says Akhilesh is praying for your unborn child’s soul peace. Akhilesh and Pushpa do the havan and pray for the child. Ira says do you still think there are no good people in the world, when I lied about my pregnancy, he knew I m lying, even then he took care of me, he knew I m cheating, Lord would have made a good person for you, you will get him when time comes, stop crying and come to have food. Bhoomi holds Bhavik’s hand and smiles. He takes her. Devina looks on. Siddhi jokes on their drama. Devina says we know Bhoomi, she won’t be impressed with havan, never, I know how to cheer her up, we shall party.

Pushpa asks Akhilesh not to get sad. He says I m going to find Karan, I have to get him arrested,

else I won’t get peace. Bhoomi comes. He asks her to take rest, he will get Karan punished. She says leave it, police will catch him, I m sorry, thanks for everything, just you, Pushpa and Ira have seen the pain I m feeling, I can just see my emptiness in your eyes, I m mad to insult you all, you did a lot for me and my baby, I told you so much, really sorry, I m saying from heart, its a blessing to have a brother like you. Devina gets shocked. Everyone cries happily. Akhilesh gets emotional and says I can’t believe this. Bhoomi hugs him.

He says trust me, I will find a nice guy for you. She says find someone like you, so that I get lucky like Ira, she respects you, she told me how you stand with her always, I will wait if you take time to find such a guy. Pushpa says I will feed ghee laddoos to Bhoomi. Akhilesh asks Ira what did he tell Bhoomi. Ira says it was 100 % true. He looks at her and smiles. Ira jokes and laughs. She goes. Music plays…… He smiles……

Devina says Bhoomi is emotional now, so she is accepting them, but we will get her back. She goes to Bhoomi and says we have a plan, we will party tonight. Bhoomi says thanks. Devina says I knew you will love this idea. Bhoomi says no, I need a good sleep. Devina says that’s easy, we will dance a lot and you will get a good sleep, else take a sleeping pill. Bhoomi says I just want my mom. She goes to Pushpa. Pushpa asks do you want something. Devina, Siddhi and Aditya look on. Bhoomi says I want a peaceful sleep, when Akhilesh worries, you make him sleep, can you make me sleep with you, please… Pushpa cries and says why not, but I have a condition, stop calling me aunty, I m your mum. Bhoomi says sorry mumma. Devina gets upset and goes. Pushpa hugs Bhoomi.

Pushpa says I will apply hair oil first. She sings Gudiya rani….. and does the hair massage. Bhoomi sleeps in her lap. Pushpa thanks Lord for giving her a good daughter. Its morning, Akhilesh thinks of Bhoomi’s words about Ira. He smiles. His inner self asks him will he just get shy like girls or say something. He says Ira also loves you, what are you waiting for, this is the right time baby. Akhilesh looks around and says from where does he come and go, he is right, I have to confess love to Ira, I should try some unique way, what to do, Chandu used to say girls like SRK style. He tries to act like SRK and confess love to Ira by opening arms wide. He thinks how Ira has hit him earlier. He gets tensed and says I can’t do this, I can write a love letter for Ira. He sits writing and trashes many papers. Ira comes to the room and knocks door.

He hides the letter and picks papers from the floor. He opens the door. She asks what were you doing. He says I was finding slipper. She says I have to meet Bhoomi’s doctor, I came to take bag. He asks are you going to hospital again. She jokes. He thinks to go out with her and spend time, he can also give love letter. He says I was thinking to come along. Ira says then come, what’s there to think. He smiles. She asks him to come soon. Later, Ira says Bhoomi’s reports are normal, you have to take care of her, after all she has accepted you as her brother.

He thinks this is the right time to tell my feelings to her. A man collides and goes. Akhilesh thinks where did my wallet go, it had my letter.

Akhilesh runs after the man and goes to get the wallet. The letter flies off. Ira asks him to see what she got.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. ShraddhaSharma392

    1. Awwww wala episode….????

    2. Finally Bhoomi realised akhilesh, Ira and Puspha value.. 1 down 3 to go???

    3. This devina is soo cruel, she can’t see bhoomi pain or may be she can see and her way is different, but party like seriously..

    4. Akhilesh do not waste paper, think about environment also… Just kidding..?????

    5. I think Ira will not easily find about real letter, but she can find wasted easily…????

  2. Hi, Shardha di how are you ?
    Episode was good i liked the bond between brother and sister, finally Bhoomi realised Akhilesh care for her.

    1. ShraddhaSharma392

      Hi pooja…
      I am f9 and good..
      How about u???

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