Meri Hanikarak Biwi 12th January 2018 Written Episode Update: Ira agrees to marry Akhilesh

Meri Hanikarak Biwi 12th January 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ira thinking how to help Akhilesh. She falls down the scooty. People help her. She thinks to tell the truth to Pushpa and accept her mistake. Devina says no one will marry Akhilesh, it means he won’t have any heir, Akhilesh can’t father a child now. She insults Akhilesh and laughs. Pushpa asks her to laugh as much as she wants. She goes to temple and prays for sending a bride for Akhilesh. Devina asks will the bride come home. Pushpa says yes. Devina says fine, I will count 5, if the girl doesn’t come, you and your son will return to Banaras. Devina counts down. Ira comes home. They rush to check the door.

Pushpa says my Gullu’s bride has come. Ira says I m that girl who has done…. Pushpa says you have agreed to marry Akhilesh, right. Ira gets

shocked. Pushpa asks her to tell everyone that she will marry Akhilesh. Ira recalls Akhilesh’s words and agrees to marry Akhilesh. Akhilesh gets shocked. Pushpa says I knew this, Lord can’t let any injustice happen with my son. She tells Devina that the bride has come, no one can stop the marriage.

Devina asks Ira does she want to marry Akhilesh, he can’t….. he has undergone vasectomy. Aditya asks Ira to think again, why is she ruining her life, Akhilesh can’t give her family, will she still marry him. Ira says yes, I will marry him.

Pushpa gets happy. She goes to thank Lord. Ira says her pulse is weak. Devina asks how do you know, are you a doctor. Akhilesh pushes Ira and asks Pushpa to take rest, he will arrange a doctor. Ira thinks of Pushpa’s words. Akhilesh asks her why is she giving fake hope to Pushpa, she is in pain, don’t increase her pain. She says I did this for your mom, she was sweating and feeling tensed, she had acute stress, I m a doctor and knew this, I had to give her a hope, else she would have got unwell. He thanks her and says we have to end this lie. She says our marriage will happen. He gets shocked.

He asks are you mad, are you joking, you can’t become my bride, my bahu wants a simple village girl, you are a doctor here, she trusted Chutki, but she has also left, it was not her mistake, you ruined my life, sorry, you can’t become my bride, you have ruined me. Lakhan says Pushpa’s BP got low, just you can convince her to have food. Akhilesh goes. He tells doctor that he will feed Pushpa. She asks Akhilesh to call the bride. Devina says she would have run by now. Ira says but I m here. Ira talks in villager’s accent and impresses Pushpa. Akhilesh looks on. Pushpa says this is called good valued, Akhilesh has found a good bride. She asks Ira why did she run. Ira says no, I went to get tulsi leaves, its good for health. She introduces herself. Devina asks her to stop it now.

Akhilesh asks Devina to come out and have a talk. Devina says wait, who are you, you were behaving like a normal girl in hall, how did you become like village girl now. Ira says I was acting seeing big house, I thought Pushpa is desi and I got to my own self. Pushpa says I like your desi avatar. Devina asks how much did Akhilesh pay you. Ira says I had worn this bangle in Akhilesh’s swayamvar, I have taken Pushpa’s side that time, I ran away that day, but now I will not leave Akhilesh. Pushpa asks for food. Devina asks Akhilesh why is he worried, he got a lottery. Ira feeds Pushpa. Akhilesh says nothing like that. He sees Pushpa happy. Pushpa blesses Ira. Devina says Gullu can’t have children now. Pushpa says I have belief in Lord, Ganga maiyya has given me a bride, Gullu will get a child, I will take revenge of all these insults. She asks Ira to go home, will she run again. Ira says no, I promise I won’t run now. Akhilesh thinks Ira has come in my life as a curse, how shall I tell this to Pushpa.

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