Meri Hanikarak Biwi 11th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Akhilesh exposes Karan

Meri Hanikarak Biwi 11th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Bhavik calling Ira and saying I know you aren’t pregnant, I m sorry, you can beat me for this, Akhilesh is with me now. Ira says fine, you have to stop Akhilesh there, don’t let him come home. He asks what, but why. She says I will tell later, just stop him there. He says okay. She ends call. Akhilesh says you both look good happy. Bhavik asks why did Ira do this drama. Akhilesh thinks I can’t tell anyone about Bhoomi’s pregnancy. He says nothing, just to trouble Devina. Bhavik asks Akhilesh to have dhokla and take it for Ira. Akhilesh says fine, teach me making dhokla. Bhavik agrees. Akhilesh thinks why is Bhavik stopping me here intentionally. Pushpa asks are we doing right.

Ira says yes, Bhoomi can try to end her life again, maybe Karan has changed. Karan

comes home. They all look at him. Pushpa scolds Karan. Devina says you and Bhoomi should get married, as you are becoming parents. Karan asks what does Ira has to say about it. Ira says your life is imp, you and Bhoomi have to live together, I m sure you won’t do such thing again. He says no, that was just my revenge, you are not my type. Pushpa scolds him. Devina stops her. Pushpa asks when are you marrying Bhoomi. Karan says let me think, I will marry Bhoomi, I have a little condition, I know you will agree, you are desperate. Devina asks the condition. He says Ira has to fall in my feet and apologize to me. They get shocked. Pushpa says Ira won’t apologize. Devina requests Ira to do as Karan says, at least for Bhoomi’s sake.

Ira asks Devina not to fold hands, she is ready to do it. Karan asks her what is she waiting for. Pushpa says no need to do this. Ira goes to Karan and bends low to touch his feet. Akhilesh comes with Bhavik and hits Karan. They all get shocked. Ira asks how did you come soon. Akhilesh says I knew something wrong is happening here. He scolds Karan for ruining Bhoomi’s life. He asks them how can they get Bhoomi married to Karan. Bhavik gets shocked. He asks Karan to apologize to Ira. Bhoomi stops Akhilesh. She says you are just a stepbrother, you stay out of it, I m marrying Karan, that’s my final decision. Karan smiles. Akhilesh gets angry. Devina says don’t spoil the situation, let Ira apologize and let Bhoomi get married, I promise I will apologize.

Akhilesh says fine, Ira will apologize, I will also fall in his feet and apologize, but after the marriage is done. Karan gets shocked. He asks what’s this madness. Akhilesh says I want my sister to settle down. He arranges all the preparations for marriage. He says Pushpa knows all the marriage mantras, she will get your marriage done. Bhoomi thanks Akhilesh and sits in the mandap. Karan says I can’t marry without dad’s permission. Akhilesh asks did you take your dad’s permission before impregnating Bhoomi. Devina says I will personally talk to your dad, don’t worry. Akhilesh says marriage will happen and Bhoomi’s respect will be saved. Karan gets angry and starts insulting Bhoomi. He says I told yes for marriage to make Ira apologize. Bhoomi cries and says you can’t do that to me. Akhilesh slaps Karan. He asks Bhoomi to see Karan’s true face. Bhoomi slaps Karan and asks how dare you, I will kill you. Karan pushes her away. She gets hit to a drawer table and falls holding her stomach. Ira says she is hurt. Karan runs. Akhilesh stops Karan and beats him up. Ira asks Akhilesh to leave Karan and take Bhoomi to hospital. Karan runs away.

Everyone comes home sadly. Devina says so sorry, you lost the baby because of Karan, but we got to know Karan’s intentions, just think how would you raise the baby without dad, it all happened for good right. Bhoomi cries and runs to her room. Pushpa says she got heartbroken. Akhilesh says I failed as a brother, this would have not happened with Bhoomi, I want to do a havan for the unborn child’s soul peace. He asks Ira to be with Bhoomi, she may fall sick. He prays for family.

Bhoomi apologizes and hugs Akhilesh. Akhilesh writes love notes for Ira.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. ShraddhaSharma392

    I don’t know if any one notice these points or not:
    1. Every one was in pain?? when karan demanded to put nose on his feet and asked ira to say sorry.. Especially bhoomi, aditya, and her sis.. Though devina asked her to do so, but she was in pain too with helpless for bhoomi sake…???

    2. Akhilesh timing was just mind blowing…???

    3. Finally bhoomi realised karan true face.. And sorry she lost baby..???

    4. I thought bhavik will marry bhoomi in last min, but it changed…

    5. Akhilesh is soo confused about proposing Ira..????

    6. Sometimes i think?? that they all like each other but hate due to brijesh pandey decieve???

  2. Yes, they do have a comical love hate relationship which is it’s nice to watch. They do at times like one another but hatred comes in the way for Birju’s mistakes.
    I think when the time comes for this series to end it will Devine and her kids who will convince Pushpa not to let Ira go because at all times she helped them out of trouble ie: Aaditya and Gulki, bhoomis pregnancy secret etc.

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