Meri Durga- Hatred Friendship (Part-1)

Hey, thanks for appreciating my FF, I will try my best to update regularly.
Durga falls back and SP catches her, both of them look in each other’s eye and realise, who they just met.
Durga: SP
SP: Durga
SP makes Durga stand straight, Durga fixes her clothes, straight.
SP: I told you 5 years ago, to not show me your face, why did you come back to my life you cheater, 5 years ago I made friendship with you, I highly regret it because you take go to an extent to use drugs to win the match, you are a cheater and your face should be coloured black.
SP goes and gets black colour and its about to put in it on durga when Sam comes and stops, and he says
Sam: Who gives you the right to colour and womens face, if you dared to do this, your manhood will no longer be with you and I will oust you from the college.
SP: Oii, don’t tell me what to do (points finger at him) and I can colour her face because shes a cheater and there is no way you can oust me from this college.
Sam: Oh, really, I can oust u from this college but first can you actually colour and womans face?
SP: yes I can, and I can prove it.
SP comes to Durga and is about to colour Durgas face but Sam comes and pushes SP’s hand and the colour goes on SP.
Sam: How dare you colour her face, it’s a shame to call you an man and now watch me oust u from this college.
SP: and how is that.
Sam, pulls out his phone from is shirt pocket and shows the recording of SP trying to put colour on Durgas face.
Sam: this is how I will oust u from this college.
SP is shocked and pleads Sam not to show college principal
SP: Please don’t, ruin my reputation
Sam: ur reputation, u r about to ruin a girls reputation, but theres only one way for me to stop showing this recording to the principal
SP: what?
Sam: ask forgiveness from Durga.
SP looks at Durga and goes to her.

SP takes Durga to a classroom and locks the door, he comes close to her and….

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  1. Amazing epi I m so desperate for precap yaar update next part asap

  2. Great yaar and I love sam yaar how he protect Durga waiting for precap update next part soon plzzzz

  3. Superb and can u try to make longer epi its also amazing BTW are u a regular updater

  4. Thank god someone posted its fabulous and precap is awesome update next part soon

  5. Khushi1707

    Waiting for the next one dii!Luvd it

  6. i can sense a triangular love story coming out of this………..amazing yaar, the way sam protected durga, hope he doesn’t have any hidden intentions in helping her………

  7. u r good & i think u r connecting ur ff somewhat with the show,the color,now in the precap locking the door………….i think durga should give him a befitting reply for this………

  8. Mithila Farzana

    Wow..loving r amazing..story is going well..update asap..

  9. Aarti32

    Fabulous update..but can u tell me who’s d hero in dis ff??

  10. Archisha

    Well, it was a cool one. Post soon

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