Meri Durga 9th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Durga counters Vipul

Meri Durga 9th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Durga showing her certificates to Vipul. He asks her to meet him at farmhouse. She thanks him for giving time. She goes. He calls Gayatri and says your work is done. She says just see she doesn’t dare to have courage to enter racing again. She tells Neelkant that its good he told her about Durga’s plan. Shilpa is at jewelry shop. She tells the owner that she has sold necklaces. He says I kept someone to help you. She gets shocked seeing Yashpal.

Durga comes to farmhouse. She sees the place. She asks Vipul to help her. She tells everything. She says I thought to get into race by wild card, I need your help. He says wild card entry, its not possible, your timing is much. She says I know I have the talent, I m better than others, you can make me run and see, I want a

chance. He says your confidence is good, but we can’t give you a chance, I don’t know you, its your profit if I help you, what about me, profit should be for both, you can give yourself to me and make me happy, when will this beauty get to use, none will know anything. She gets angry and slaps him.

Shilpa argues with Yashpal. She asks him to clean the place and be careful. Durga scolds Vipul a lot. She says real talent doesn’t go waste, I will get a call from your office to run, you won’t get a place to hide face. He asks her not to say nonsense. She breaks a glass and asks him not to dare touch her, she has told her family where is she, police will see her deed on CCTV. She takes her file. He calls her mad. She leaves.

Gayatri calls him. He throws the phone. Durga thinks to participate in race. She sees police van. She recalls Nandini and thinks she can help me. Shilpa talks to other lady and asks Yashpal to deliver a necklace. A thief looks on. Durga goes to meet the lady minister. Guard says she has come for one meeting, come after ten days. Durga says no, my race is before that, let me go. She meets the minister and tells the matter.

The lady says I can’t help. Durga requests. The lady says I have less time, I will just give a recommendation letter. Durga thanks Lord. Sanjay asks Gayatri did you do anything to help Durga. Ayatri says I tried, but couldn’t do anything, Aarti’s dad can help. Aarti says yes, dad can help. Sanjay says then tell him. She says he is annoyed, when this relation is not there, what shall I say, I can’t help you, sorry. He goes. Gayatri tells Aarti that she will get the fruit of her patience.

Yashpal shouts to thief. Durga catches the thief and helps Yashpal. Sanjau agrees to marry Aarti to fulfill Durga’s dream.

Update Credit to: Amena

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