Meri Durga 9th November 2017 Written Episode Update: Sanjay humiliates Durga

Meri Durga 9th November 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sanjay telling his plan to Durga. He says I will take you towards ruining by this marriage, I will punish you of hell in this house in front of everyone. She gets shocked. He says you are my wife now, welcome. Annapurna cries. Dadi says Durga made me proud, just pray that she gets much happiness. She kisses the bangles for Durga. Shilpa sees worth of Ahlawat group and says Durga got a jackpot. She says Durga will be good now. Dadi says marriage happened in hurry, but we have to do the rasams. She asks Yashpal to take shagun to Durga’s Sasural.

Durga asks Sanjay is this a joke. He says its truth. She says you love me, you can never do this. He asks what love, the love in which you cheated me, if you can hurt my mum, then think what can I do for her. She says you are

misunderstanding me, what cheat are you saying, I didn’t cheat you. He says stop acting, your truth is in front of me. He hurts her. He says this is just a start, see what I do, I will make your life worse than death. She says whatever you have seen in video was true, they are lying. He asks her to stop it, if she tells anything against his mum, he will kill her. She asks why will I lie. He says I wish I knew this, you cheated me, stop this acting now, you will get punished in front of them. He hurts her.

Gayatri says I have given birth to Sanjay, you should have thought of it. She asks Anjana to take care of Durga. Yashpal sees Durga’s running shoes and hugs. He sees her trophy. Neend ka chaska….plays…. he sees her pics and cries. He thinks of Durga. He says she went in between enemies, don’t know what will they do. Annapurna says I m also worried, Sanjay is with her, he will not let her get sorrow. Yashpal says I don’t understand, there is something. She says her worry won’t end soon, everything will get fine soon.

Anjana drops Durga to room. She asks her to have courage, think of future now, see this house as bahu. Durga looks at the decorations. Sanjay comes. He holds her close. She pushes him away. He asks what happened, are you scared. He says we are married now, we have to celebrate first night, come, we will make it unforgettable for you. He pushes her away. She asks did you go mad. He says this is your real place, get habitual to this. He ruins the decorations. He says tomorrow will be a special day, there is a surprise for you, be ready. He goes to sleep. He says I have the keys, you can’t go anywhere. She cries.

Yashpal comes to see Durga. He hears guards talking. Durga runs on treadmill and throws jewelry. Durga comes home. Yashpal gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Nkemakonam jonah

    No I dont like meri duga marriage track

  2. Hey what’s happening to this serial? Have not been watching it for a long long long time,,,,,, because it was turning into complete rubbish!!! It seems that I took the right decision,,,, Anyway I have observed that one common thing with these serials is that women always undergo such hardship, pain, sufferings and all sorts of tortures at the hands of families-in-law, husbands, boy friends etc etc, What messages are being conveyed? That women must always suffer and have no right to happiness? This is very disturbing indeed and may create prejudices…. Some women may even start to think that it is their lot to suffer etc etc.. So directors and makers of these serials …I think it’s time to bring some sense into your serials. STOP WITH THIS WOMEN BASHING PLEASE!!!!!!!

  3. This is very stupid please durga you need be strong no men can’t heart women comon durga you need to fight for women please and same on him do ing stupid acting on series men never respect women’s so this is showing bad things about women its not good at all.

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