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Meri Durga 9th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Durga’s friends missing her. Durga comes there. They think they are seeing her. Durga smiles and talks to them. They all have ice candy. She tells about Subhadra. Manohar says Yashpal did right, I would have not left her. Durga says problems got high, dad’s expenses increased, I have to do something to run in race. She says I m running in race to get marks in studies. The boy reminds how Yashpal slapped her when she ran in race. She says I don’t want to upset him, if I win in race, I will get marks, we will be happy.

Its morning, Durga gets ready for school. She sits to have breakfast. Yashpal says I have no time to have food, I will drop her to school first, I won’t get time to have food. Durga makes a roti roll and asks him to eat it fast. He asks her to have it.

She says you eat first. He says fine, I did mistake. She teases him and they have food. Amrita and Annapurna smile. He hugs Durga.

They leave for Bhiwani. A car passes by and dirt falls on Yashpal. He says I can’t go home or school, I will see later. Durga asks him to take care. They rush back home. He tells what happened. He goes to change clothes. A lady asks for sugar and says I m going Bhiwani. Durga asks do you go there daily. The lady says yes, I m managing work, tell me if you want anything. Durga asks her if she can take him to bus stop daily. He says I will take you. She asks him to encourage her. The lady says fine, I will take you. They smile.

Principal asks Rajveer to be careful with his answers while talking to Neelkant. Durga runs to school. The guard closes gate. Durga enters the school by wall route. She sits studying. Peon informs Rajveer about Durga coming late and studying in sunlight. Rajveer says she will get ill, I will just come. He goes to Durga and asks what’s this, is there discipline or not, go and apologize to principal, then go to your class.

Peon tells Neelkant that Rajveer is coming, he saw Durga studying in sunlight and went to take her. Dadi coughs. Sheela thinks to use Dadi. Neelkant and principal meet Rajveer. Neelkant says see how Rajveer is sending Durga to classroom directly. Rajveer says no, I wasn’t sending her to classroom, I told her to apologize to principal. Neelkant says its enough now. Principal says Durga you came late and can’t attend class, you have to go home. Rajveer says you are mistaken. Principal asks him to come to room. Sheela asks man about the reports. Dadi says I m fine, I have acidity. The man cries and says Dadi has TB. Dadi gets shocked.

Dadi worries and says now I will be gone. Sheela says let Brij come home. Dadi asks how will you save me. Sheela thinks I won’t lose any money now. Amrita asks the man to see his responsibility than wasting time. Madhav comes and looks on. Amrita says if anything happens to idols then, blame will come on Madhav, we have problem in doing our work, Madhav will lose job if anything happens to idols. Amrita cleans idols. She sees Madhav.

He asks what happened, why are you angry. She says I don’t like anyone lazy, my dad is peon, but he worked honestly every day, cheating is bad in work, if your name spoiled then. He says so what, you wanted me to run away from here, why do you worry for me. She says I have work and goes.

Neelkant and principal talk to Rajveer about focussing on Durga. Principal says you are insulting fellow teachers. Neelkant says you crossed limits today. Durga is worried. Rajveer says Durga came form a village, she does not want the language, I was just paying attention to her to hone her skills, she needs proper training and guidance, sorry to say but I think you are annoyed as Sanjay got C grade in sports, even when he was absent in sports competition, I did not mark him absent and gave him C grade, I stopped maths teacher from breaking her confidence, I was getting Durga to principal’s office to make her apologize, I was just taking care of her and doing my duty. Neelkant says I have seen you are partial about Durga, I will not bear this, you are suspended from this school. Rajveer gets shocked.

Durga says bad happens with good people and runs. Rajveer sees a truck coming her way and runs. He pushes her. Madhav catches some man.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Why are those hindi serials always showing bad things happening to good people?? This is a very negative message to viewers and writers have to be cautious…. For a positive CHANGE, I would like to see how the evil Sheela would react if SHE catches TB. That would be a well deserved lesson for all her misdeeds! What do you think about this fellow viewers?

    1. Hi misha , I agree with u completely…how can people go to this extent for just money…. I m also surprised if durga gets 5 marks in maths , how remaining 30 marks will come to pass…. I agree she has a talent and rajveer is good to explore it but the way he is using her weakness is little awkward……..

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