Meri Durga 9th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Meri Durga 9th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with teacher seeing the jalebis fallen. She asks Durga and the girl to get up. The girl says I did not eat it. Teacher scolds them and sends them out of the class. The students laugh. Durga and the girl get punished. A man comes home and asks for grains sack. Sheela says its good you came to check grains. The man goes upstairs. He gets shocked seeing the sacks torn and grains spoiled. He calls Annapurna and asks what did this happen.

Annapurna and Dadi get shocked. Sheela and Shilpa smile. The man asks how can you be so careless. Sheela asks did Yashpal not put rat poison/medicine before keeping grains. Dadi says why to spray medicine when there were no rats. The man asks them to pay for his grains. Annapurna asks Sheela to make them talk to Yashpal. Sheela says I have no battery,

I will charge and come. The man says we will take the grains, what’s the need to wait for Yashpal now. Annapurna cries. The man gets angry and asks them to give money, what will Yashpal do.

Sheela says what will happen if Yashpal comes, his loss has happened, how much will we listen, give money and save respect. She gives him money. The man goes. Sheela says there is just one day to pay bill, advance is returned, now electricity will be gone. Annapurna says we will find a solution once Yashpal comes.

Sheela says now we have to give room on rent. Shilpa smiles. Brij says its good, room is given on rent to keep the grains, none will stay there. Yashpal says yes, I will find a job in evening, it will be set, Durga is studying well, I m thinking to buy something for Durga.

Amrita looks for something. She gets a painting. Staircase falls. She hangs to the shelf. Madhav looks on shocked. He does not go to help. Amrita stands on the window railing and tries to get down. Madhav goes to help. She says thanks. He stands and looks on. He gets a call. He asks why are you hanging there, come down, there is much work, change the color of sketch. He answers the call. Shilpa asks him to come and stay, I have decorated the room for you, mummy told me to inform you. Madhav says fine, I will come there, someone from my office will come and make my room ready according to me. Amrita falls down. She comes to him.

Shilpa happily hugs Sheela. Sheela calls her mad. Amrita stares at him angrily and goes. Principal argues with Rajveer. He says if our school loses like this, we will not come even in zonal competition. He says its such a shame, our school used to come first in sports, its such a failure. The man asks Rajveer to focus on boys team and do duty to make school earn a name in sports again. The man goes. Rajveer says our girls team will win. Principal says we will see. Rajveer thinks you have to run Durga, you can return our school’s lost prestige back.

Subhadra scolds Durga. She says you thought I won’t know anything, Shri told me everything. Shri says its not her mistake, you stay busy all day, I heard Durga did not eat anything at night. Subhadra scolds Shri. Shri says you see your mistake, this will happen if Durga does not eat on time. Subhadra starts crying and does drama. Durga says its not Subhadra’s mistake, its my mistake. Shri asks Subhadra to give food to Durga and goes. Subhadra says you had many jalebis in school Durga, if you eat more, you will get sleep, go and study. Durga thinks why does Subhadra do this instead giving me food, how to explain her that I won’t get sleep without food. She recalls Yashpal’s food. She says maybe I m hurting Subhadra, maybe food is getting less, so she is not saying, I have to do something of my food, but how.

Subhadra asks her to do some work before studying. Rajveer thinks to talk to Yashpal. Subhadra gives food to Durga and acts sweet. She gets a call from Rajveer. He says I m talking from Durga’s school, can I talk to her dad. She says I m her Bua, talk to me. He asks for Yashpal. She says he is in village, I m his youngest and lovely sister, I m her guardian of Durga. Durga worries. He tells her everything. Subhadra gets shocked. He ends call.

She asks Durga did she come here to study or not, Yashpal has sent you to study here, you left book in school, you will go school and get your book, did you finish food, go and study, what face will I show to Yashpal. Rajveer recalls Durga’s words. He says I have to convince Durga’s dad by talking to him personally.

Madhav comes home and argues with Amrita by colliding with her. Yashpal gets shocked seeing him. Yashpal scolds Sheela.

Update Credit to: Amena

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