Meri Durga 8th November 2017 Written Episode Update: Sanjay reveals truth

Meri Durga 8th November 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Anjana calling Gayatri. Gayatri comes and does aarti of Sanjay and Durga. She asks them to come in. Durga thinks how did everything change here. Gayatri says you married her and got her home. Durga sees Sanjau. Sanjay and everyone smile. Gayatri asks Durga to fulfill first rasam, make the kalash fall and come in. Durga hits the kalash. She gets shocked seeing the glass pieces. She asks Sanjay to see. Sanjay pushes her inside the house. Her feet bleeds. She falls in Gayatri’s feet.

Sanjay says you are my wife now. He laughs. He asks Gayatri to see. Gayatri says you are not understanding what’s happening. Sanjay says I will explain, you have done biggest mistake of your life, I did the same with you, I fooled you, you cheated and insulted my mum, so I cheated you and married you, you lied to everyone about my mum. He tells her what happened at his house. FB shows Sanjay asking Gayatri to answer him. Neelkant lies to him. Gayatri goes to her room. She pours kerosene in the room. They all ask her to stop. Gayatri lights the matchstick. She ignites fire. Sanjay and everyone save her.

Neelkant says the truth is Durga framed us, she was not blaming us in video, why would we accept, she has made a fake video, she said something else to us and made us say all this, she wanted to become bahu, so Gayatri asked her not to race again, she didn’t wish our bahu to do any work. He says she has put all blame on us. Sanjay says she can’t do this. Neelkant asks why did she not come to you, why did she go to do press conference, she knew you will ask proof, she can’t prove herself innocent. He shows the video to Sanjay. Neelkant says your mum is true, that girl is a liar. Sanjay stops Gayatri. He says I will ruin Durga now. Fb ends.

Sanjay tells her that she told him about temple, he got her family kidnapped. He tells his plan why inspector didn’t help them. He says the goons were there by my plan, your smartness didn’t work here, you didn’t know I m taking revenge from you. Durga gets shocked. Sanjay says I did all this to take revenge from you.

Yashpal says Durga went between enemies. Annapurna says Sanjay won’t let her get hurt. Sanjay hurts Durga. He says I will make your life worse than hell.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. why one person is made to suffer so much? Why everytime they show the negative people winning. the show started on a right note. It was supposed to be about a girl succeeding because of ambition and hard work against all odds. Now its like all other serials with bad people winning and genuine people suffering. What message are they trying to give ?

    1. Yes this serial is getting like a joke. Every time bad people has upper hands. Sanjay n family should be shot

  2. Can we not end this?!

    I used to enjoy this when Durga was a little girl.

  3. writers are repeating its old track again ….earlier also sanjay used to hate durga when coz of drugs case misunderstanding as he was manipulated by arti and neelkant and now again he misunderstands durga and the only difference is that this time in place of arti his mom is manipulating him….

  4. Sp… You are really insane.. You will regret it a lot later..
    Durga… Don’t shed tears for that idiot.. He dont deserve it..
    Now what will happen to rajveer? I guess they will not try to harm him anymore.. Now it’s time for amrita to fall in love again with someone good..
    If durga is harassed much I will stop watching this.. I hope sp realizes soon and gives divrce to durga and start over their love storyagain.. or a love triangle.. It will be very interesting and funny

  5. In Mauritius we loved the episode when Durga was a little girl with her dreams.
    Now the film is becoming a mess…..
    Please end it.

  6. the show started on a right note. It was about Durga succeeding because of ambition and hard work against all odds. Now its a real mess and not a good serial.

  7. same stories are going to repeat in all serials. is their nothing is left new to write or shows to audience. why all this serials making fool to peoples. all the time we hi ghisi piti stories. like man married to a innocent girl just to take revenge. then he turn out to evil. when his family torturer the girl he comes recuse because secretly he loves her. then once again he gets to know about his family evil motive then realizes his mistakes by punishing that girl and stands with her and loves her. then that desperate girl forget all the punishment she was bearing because of that dumb husband.

    please i request to TV industry to think something. otherwise none of any people will interested in this blo*dy serials. because the things you are showing is blo*dy f**king up story which is shown in so many serials. each and every scene was expected. nothing is new. instead of pursuing career in future just decides to marry a a*sh*le who doesn’t earn on own-shelf. just a spolit brat of his parents.

  8. i think i will find something else to watch. the show its a mess. hope you will end this mess early before its too late. Too much negativity and too much suffering for Durga. My family members cant watch it anymore. It boring……

  9. This serial turning into family drama day by day. SP is stupid just like his family. They have no remorse left. Well they never had any to begin with. But SP, seriously, he’s not a kid to get swayed by what his parents say. It’s getting annoying. I totally feel like Durga has no need to justify herself in front of a bunch of idiots. However hard she tries, they will always point out her mistakes and flaws.

    Durga is a bold and daring girl, she should just run away from them and when SP will realize his mistakes (if he will), she should not even care about him. PHYSICAL ABUSE man, what the heck! Wasn’t SP the one who said he will never mistrust her and hurt her, and make sure she is happy? And yet again we have him being insane. It’s just ew like so ew. It’s 21 st century god dammm people!

    This serial is supposed to set an example as to how in a village too a father doesn’t discriminate among a son and a daughter and where is this going now? OFF TRACK.

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