Meri Durga 8th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Meri Durga 8th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Durga getting kidnapped. Sanjay comes to her rescue. He asks the goon what does he want. The goon pulls him. Sanjay asks Durga to run away. Durga bites the goon’s hand and runs away. Sanjay gets caught. Goons beat him up. Durga cries. Rajveer comes there. He beats up the goons. Durga also fights with them. Sanjay faints. Rajveer asks him is he fine. He calls ambulance. Durga asks how did you come here. Rajveer recalls Sanjay calling him and informing about Durga’s kidnap. Durga thanks Sanjay. Rajveer asks who were they, why did they wish to beat you. Sanjay says they wanted to beat her.

Madhav shows his work to sarpanch. Sarpanch and everyone praise him. Sarpanch says Annapurna is an ideal mum, her children will make the village name shine. They praise Durga also. Amrita

smiles. Minister says I will give 50000rs to Durga once she wins. Madhav says she will get 50000rs from athletic department and school scholarship, she will get famous. Annapurna wishes Durga fulfills everyone’s dreams. Rajveer says I will inform his father. Neelkant comes and gets shocked seeing the goons.

Yashpal comes and gets shocked seeing them. He asks what happened. Durga says some goons got after me, Sanjay saved me. Rajveer says this attack was on Durga, Sanjay came in between and saved her life, who can be Durga’s enemy. Neelkant worries and asks doctor is Prince fine. Yashpal says your son is very brave, he saved my daughter, Lord is with him, he will be fine.

Rajveer says someone is there who does not want Durga to run in this race. Neelkant thinks I won’t let Durga run, my son is in this state because of her. Madhav hugs Amrita. She says let me do my work. He says you are my Amrita now. Tu hi to jannat meri…..plays…. She sees her dupatta getting stuck in his shirt. He holds her close. She goes.

Durga practices. Rajveer asks her to practice hard. He says maybe goons can attack again, you have to be alert. Yashpal smiles seeing her. Aashaien…….plays…. He greets Rajveer. Annapurna and Yashpal take care of Durga. Yashpal gifts Durga a skipping rope. Durga’s practice goes on. Rajveer says now you will just rest, its final race tomorrow, save energy for tomorrow. He asks Yashpal to let Durga rest and take care of her food. Yashpal says I will see. Rajveer says give her chana, lemon water, fruits. Durga and everyone do a puja together. Everyone bless her to go for the race and win. Durga prays to Hanuman ji.

Everyone attends Durga’s race. Durga prepares for the race. Aarti also competes.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Oh God Please let Durga wins this race…. Do not let the evil doers triumph again please

  2. Durga my prayers are with u. Go Durga and shine like a star.

  3. Durga my prayers are with u. Go go Durga!!! You will shine like a star

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