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Meri Durga 8th February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Durga and her friends getting sad. The junk seller see them and ask them to check books themselves. Durga thanks him. They all check for the last year maths book. Durga says its library here, how will we find books. Yashpal calls someone and could not connect. Annapurna and Amrita share the work and relieve him of tensions. Durga hears baba bawandar and runs out. The boy says that baba bawandar says he will sort all problems, I m sure he can surely solve your maths problem. Durga says then I will do anything to meet baba.

Yashpal’s spec falls. He picks it and wears. Amrita says its damaged, your eye power will increase, change this specs. Yashpal asks when we get old, would I change ourselves, old thing or relation should be kept safe, where is Durga. Amrita says she

went to prepare for her exam. He says she should get admission in coaching. Durga is with her friends. Her friend explains her. She says I have to meet baba ji, how to get money. The boy asks does anyone ask much money from kids. He gets an idea to do what Lord Indra did with Kans. Durga asks what, tell us. Bansi says when Kans was having bath, Lord Indra asked for Kawach, Kans was helpless and agreed to him. The other boy says Kans gave Kawach as he had a big heart, anyways your idea is right. Durga says it means we have to… Bansi says we have to make him helpless. The boy says Baba ji will bath before satsang. She asks how will I come early morning. They say we will come back soon.

Amrita thinks of Rishi and smiles. Durga asks Annapurna what are you doing. Annapurna tells about Amrita’s rasam. Durga says everyone will enjoy except me. Annapurna says Yashpal asked you to stay away from rasams because of your exam, if you pass, you will not go Bhiwani, I will include you in marriage. Durga gets glad. She asks for Amrita.

Amrita thinks to call Rishi. She thinks of him. She calls Rishi. He is with Dulaari and ends call. Dulaari asks whose call was it. He says no one’s. She asks him to say whose call was it. Amrita says what will we think I called at night. She gets Rishi’s message and says he is also missing me, its written in english, how shall I read it. She cries and says if I could study, I would have read this. Shilpa comes and reads message. She teases Amrita and asks why are you crying. Amrita says Rishi wrote message in english. Shilpa says so what, I m educated, just get golgappas for me. She reads message for Amrita. Amrita smiles.

Shilpa asks her to send reply, else he will feel bad. Amrita asks her to write anything. Shilpa asks shall I write I love you. Amrita says no. Shilpa says when we don’t understand anything, we should send two teeth. Amrita asks what. Shilpa says smiley. Rishi gets smiley and smiles. Shilpa says I will train you, wear high heels and get guy in hand. Durga comes and says Amrita has sense to win guy’s heart. Shilpa argues. Amrita stops them from fighting. Shilpa goes. Amrita asks Durga about her exam preparation. Durga says I did. Amrita says dad has seen many dreams, just pass tomorrow.

Durga’s friends reach her home at night and wake her up asking her to come fast. Durga asks them to wait and runs back. She goes to Yashpal and says I will not let your head bow down, I will get baba ji’s blessing. She takes Yashpal’s blessings and runs.

Coach thinks of Durga. He trains kids. He shows the kids’ timing to a guy and says if this kid ran fast, I would have sent him in olympic. The guy says you changed 4 schools and did not get any champion. Coach explains that these boys are like stones and need much push, girls are like feather, and need just some air, I did not get anyone, but had seen her, the girl talking to wind. Durga and her friends reach baba bawandar’s place.

Baba bawandar goes to bath. He gets locked. Yashpal goes to see Durga.

Update Credit to: Amena

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