Meri Durga 7th November 2017 Written Episode Update: Durga’s bidaai gets done

Meri Durga 7th November 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Durga saying I can do anything for you all. Rajveer says its a suicide, there is still time, break this bond. She says no, I m raised by my parents’s value, I respect marriage, this mangalsutra will get away when I die. Sanjay holds her hand and says Durga trusted our relation, I will never break her trust, its my promise. Annapurna asks him not to let them down. He says trust me, mum word matters a lot to me. Durga asks her not to worry, she will stay happy. Sanjay says Durga is my wife now, I want your blessings.

Neelkant and Gayatri come home. Their son asks did Sanjay and Durga got married. Gayatri doesn’t answer. Dadi blesses Durga and Sanjay. She hugs Durga. She asks Sanjay to keep Durga happy. She says its destiny, everything will happen well. Yashpal sits crying. Dadi asks him to do his duty. Sanjay goes out. Durga goes to Yashpal. She reminds him old thing when she asked him why dad cries on daughter’s marriage, what he answered, that when girls go away, house gets lonely. He nods. She reminds his words. He says I remember, you have proved to be dutiful, you are not less than any guy for me, you will make any house shine.

Yashpal blesses her. Everyone hugs Durga and bless her. Kaise jiyunga……plays…. They get her to Sanjay. Yashpal says your family hates her, they can do anything bad with her, don’t let the trust break. He blesses them. He asks them to make a new start. Sanjay and Durga leave in the car. Everyone cries. Sanjay holds Durga’s hand. He calls Neelkant and says we are coming in some time, ask mum to do preparations. He says whatever will happen now will be right. She thanks him and says you just be the same. He says I will never change for you. They reach home and see people playing dhol. Anjana and her husband hug them. Neelkant gets the garlands. Durga thinks did Neelkant accept me as bahu. Sanjay and Durga exchange garlandsl. Piya morre…..plays…. she thinks is this a dream or truth.

Gayatri says so you married her and got her home. She asks Durga to come in. Sanjay pushes her and says you have done a big mistake by marrying me.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. What did I just watch? The precap is what I will call trp induced nightmare! Violence seems to be attractive to CVs in India. The precap is appalling!

  2. what rubbish track!! it was all preplaned by three…sp used to luv durga …and he was the only one to purpose her….now where the luv gone

  3. Yes naija… I agree with u…… the serial will be a crap if the precap is true…. No way this can never happen with durga…

  4. Yes true this is the last thing to happen to an athlete. What happened to SP and where is his love for Durga. He took promise from Durga but his promise. If the precape is correct ,it is unfortunate.

  5. Rupsha banerjee

    I saw this already. I expected for some more i formation. And btw do improve your grammar skills and language pls…

  6. Lost interest.. I am really pissed off.
    Anything else but this is intolerable..

  7. seriously dis is something ridiculous….even after dat video amd proof by durga prince is not ready to believe her just like he did earlier in their childhood..dis is something too much dis is sp’s trust n love for durga….

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