Meri Durga 7th May 2017 Written Episode Update

Meri Durga 7th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Madhav heading the event. The man asks for the idol. Everyone see the idol. The man says seeing your good image, this idol is sent in this exhibition, you have to take care of it now. Madhav says sure, thanks for finding us deserving. He says this is Ms. Amrita, I trust her, she will take care of this exhibition. The man says this idol will be here for 7 days, be careful, else you will have to pay a big price. Madhav and Amrita assure him safety of all idols. The man wishes good luck to Madhav and goes.

Amrita smiles seeing Madhav and thinks of his words. Durga goes to meet teacher. Teacher asks her what’s this poor marks in Maths. Durga says I can run faster, but don’t understand maths. Teacher asks her to sit and practice. Durga sits to practice.

Rajveer asks

kids about Durga. He thinks where is she. The peon says teacher called Durga in staffroom. A thief runs. Police is after him. Yashpal thinks of the money to pay Subhadra. Thief comes to him and says you may need money, you have to do small work, just send this to this address. Yashpal asks him to show the things. He gets gold in it. He catches the thief and says I m helpless, but I can’t cheat myself. He asks thief to come to police. Rajveer comes to see Durga. He sees her studying maths. He asks her to come for training. The maths teacher taunts Rajveer.

Rajveer praises the maths teacher and says he is all rounder. He teases the teacher and says you have much talent, you are number one in everything. He asks him to show his talent to everyone. Sanjay, Aarti and Neelkant look on. Rajveer does pushups. Aarti says Rajveer is doing this to defend Durga.

Amrita and Madhav collide. She apologizes and cares when he gets hit. Madhav says we should protect the idols, and then workshop will prosper, I need you, will you support me. They shake hands. She says yes. They smile.

Rajveer asks maths teacher to do pushups. Maths teacher fails to do pushups. Durga laughs. Neelkant looks on. Annapurna gives money to Yashpal. He says its Amrita’s hard earnings, I wil do something. Rajveer explains maths teacher that everyone has strengths and weaknesses, Durga’s strength is running, she will not lose, she will go ahead of usm she will get good number in studies, I guarantee that.

Sheela talks to Shilpa. Shilpa gets Madhav’s message and smiles thinking of him. She reads about exhibition. Yashpal gets same message. He says we all will go to encourage Amrita. Sheea says I got a way to workout my plan. She smiles.

Madhav greets everyone. Neelkant says this is no way to talk to fellow teachers, it will be Rajveer’s last day tomorrow. Dadi faints.

Update Credit to: Amena

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