Meri Durga 6th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Aarti confesses love to Sanjay

Meri Durga 6th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Brij saying you are not my brother now, we have no relations. Shilpa says Brij is right and makes a line. Yashpal asks did they go mad. Shilpa says this side is ours from now on. Yashpal asks Brij not to do this, house can’t be divided, everything will be ruined. He asks Dadi to explain Brij, he got mad. Dadi goes to Brij’s side and says you got blind in Durga’s love and have given pain to all of us, you have no right to expect from us. Dadi scolds Yashpal. Shilpa takes Brij. Durga tries to talk. Yashpal says your dad is dead. They get shocked. He says I m telling you for the first time, I regret that you are my daughter. He goes. Durga cries.

Aarti takes food for Sanjay. He doesn’t eat. She tells him that she needs her best friend, as she has also lost her love

like he lost his love. He asks her to say, who is he, he will talk to her love and get him back. She says you…. He gets shocked. She says I was always surprised when I knew I love you, I can’t think anything else, I love you a lot, when we went for college trip, I planned the surprise for you, I wanted to share my feelings with you, you told about Durga, my love was left incomplete, I also went through same pain, I can’t do it. She cries.

Sanjay apologizes. He says I didn’t know you…. don’t cry. She smiles. He feeds her water. Brij thinks of Yashpal. He comes out. Durga apologizes to him and asks him to support her, she needs him. Yashpal looks on. Brij leaves and shuts door on her face. She cries and sees Yashpal. Yashpal goes. Its morning, Gayatri is in meeting. She sees Sanjay. He falls down. Gayatri and Neelkant ask him is he fine. Sanjay says its small sprain, don’t worry, go back in meeting. Gayatri asks do you think I can focus in meeting seeing you in this state, I love you a lot, you are my life, I m doing this for you. He thinks if mum can leave her work and come for me, then Durga….. she was right, our love is distraction for her.

She asks what are you thinking. He says nothing, I m feeling pain. He thinks I misunderstood Durga, this time I will become her strength, but how…. Bantu asks Yashpal to get up, its Dadi’s cot and will come in their area. Yashpal tries to stop Brij. Brij doesn’t listen. Shilpa says Durga’s shadow is bad for us, I will make my Lord away from her. Durga feels sad.

Durga prays and says I will to clean the stain on my career. She meets Rajveer. He writes something.

Update Credit to: Amena

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