Meri Durga 6th November 2017 Written Episode Update: Sanjay and Durga get married

Meri Durga 6th November 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Yashpal asking Durga not to do this. Durga says no, I have to do this, forgive me, we have no other way. Sanjay says stop there, else I will shoot myself. Neelkant asks him does he think they will leave them. Durga says you will leave them with due respect. She thinks her family is her life. Sanjay says mom, I know you will never hurt my inlaws, so I want to end this bitterness. Gayatri says fine, I will leave all of them, but you won’t marry this Durga.

Sanjay says no, you are good in keeping enmity, leave them right away. Yashpal asks Durga not to do this, how will she live with bitter enemies. Durga says I have to do this, till SP is with us, I will stay happy. Sanjay says I love Durga, I will take care of her dreams, I took care of mom’s status also, so that entire world can welcome Durga and become witness of this marriage. He keeps his phone. He asks them not to make any mistake.

Durga and Sanjay take the wedding rounds. Durga’s family cries. Sanjay cuts his finger and applies sindoor to Durga. They get married. Durga says we got our senses now, Neelkant has done much wrong with my family, its enough now. She asks Gayatri what will she give her in mu dikhai. She asks for her family’s safety.

She begs Gayatri to leave her family. She asks Gayatri will she not gift her on mu dikhai. Gayatri gets angry. Yashpal and everyone get freed. He says you have risked everything for us, we got freedom because of your marriage, what did you do. She says no, you are my life. Durga’s family blesses her and Sanjay. Gayatri and Neelkant leave. Durga goes to Rajveer. He asks how can you sacrifice life and career for us, I don’t give importance to this marriage.

Durga cries and hugs her family. Kaise jiyunga….. plays…. Durga leaves with Sanjay.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Rajveer is right. How can Durga sacrifice her life and career for those ppl who maligned her image in front of the world ? And what about Durga winning national championship ? She will be tortured by SP also now. Totally Hate SP and his parents I wish Durga never ever blindly trusts him again and she shud never forgive him for using her love and trust. I wish SP learns the lesson in a hard way.

  2. what writers and directors are trying to show in this serial…durga and SP getting married…if i am not wrong they were studying in college and their age is not more thn 20….how could they marry them…and above that now Sp will turn negative…i thought this serial is different from others.. without saas bahu drama…but it also follow the same rubbish track of luv hate relationship and saas bahu drama and for what reason sp will hate durga..instead he should support her for achieving her dreams…this serial is based on athlete…they are totally showing wrong…

  3. Yes correct. Yes SP will also torture Durga. WILL be able to further participate in state and nationa. This the outcome of trusting SP. DURGA and Rana did mistake in finding the evidence very early with outproper planning. Theyshoud have waited till durga wins the nationals.

  4. Correct i also totally hate sp he is very bad how can he turn negative and supports his parents because they are wrong and he should trust and support durga and durga now don’t forgive him if he realize his mistake and will say sorry to you in coming episodes don’t forgive him

  5. SP has already turned negative.

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