Meri Durga 6th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Meri Durga 6th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with everyone getting shocked. Brij says I will not leave you today. He beats up Madhav. He asks what was Amrita’s mistake, tell me. Yashpal stops Brij. He asks Madhav why is he telling this to him now, he could have run away like his brother, you are a fraud. Madhav says I m not a fraud, how could I run away, I really love Amrita, ask her, she thinks she is going to marry a cheat, how would I cheat her and marry, I want to give her happiness.

Yashpal asks Amrita did she know this. She says I did not wish to see you all getting insulted more, so I did not say, forgive me. Yashpal asks Madhav to leave. Madhav says I won’t be able to go from here without Amrita, I truly love her.

Sanjay tells Neelkant that Durga is running in the race, her dad agreed. Neelkant gets shocked.

He thinks I have to make Aarti win the race, I have to do anything to make Durga lose. Madhav says I told this truth just for Amrita, I can’t see hatred in her eyes, if you think I m wrong, I will go but after marrying Amrita, I will wait for her in marriage mandap. He apologizes and promises to take care of Amrita. He says I lost one mum and does not want to lose another one. He asks Annapurna to support him for the final time.

He tells Amrita that everyone knows his truth now, none will tell anything to her now. He goes and waits for Amrita at the mandap. Ladies gossip that groom is waiting and bride is not here. Madhav says she would be coming. Durga finds everyone sad. She says if Madhav was wrong, he would have not told the truth to you, you taught us to forgive the person if he repents by heart. He says you don’t know the world. Dadi says I have experience, I can see who is true and who is liar, I have seen Madhav, we was regretting, Durga is right, Madhav did not do wrong like Rishi, he came and accepted his mistake, we should go there.

Madhav sits in the mandap and asks pandit to start rituals. He thinks of Amrita. Yashpal gets angry and asks Amrita not to worry, let anyone say anything, I m alive, I will not ask you to marry Madhav, don’t marry him. Pandit says mahurat is passing. Ladies ask did bride run away, the groom has gone mad to wait for her. Yashpal says I will call police and get him arrested. Amrita stops him. Pandit says maybe they won’t come. Madhav gets glad seeing Amrita coming with her family. Amrita smiles.

Neelkant says I won’t let anyone come in between my dreams, not even Durga, Aarti will win nationals.

Update Credit to: Amena

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