Meri Durga 5th May 2017 Written Episode Update

Meri Durga 5th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Yashpal scolding Subhadra. She asks him to think of Durga’s future and education, you calm down, Durga is like my daughter. Yashpal says shut up, don’t call her daughter, what shall I do rather than complaining, you made her stranger. She says you are doing wrong, I m educating her, I m feeding her food, which Bua does this in today’s times, think how will you get her admission in big school and pay her fees, how will you educate her. He says she will study, her dad is alive, if I can educate you, I can do anything for my daughter, I will educate her in same school on my own, thanks for the food you gave her. He takes Durga and goes.

Madhav says I did not expect this from you and Sheela, you did this Amrita, shame on you. Shilpa wakes up and says I have to tell new story

to Madhav, before he knows truth, I won’t let him go. Madhav sees Amrita and is lost. Shilpa comes and says forgive me, Sheela did all this so that Yashpal likes you. Amrita sees Madhav. Shilpa asks Madhav to forgive her. He forgives her. He slips and holds Shilpa. He says sorry. She goes.

Shri asks Ashish about Durga. Ashish gets silent. Shri asks Subhadra. Subhadra says she went to her friends to study. Shri asks which friends. Subhadra says don’t know. Ashish gets angry and says enough, how much will you lie, I will tell Shri where is Durga, she has gone forever, she went to her parents because of your mum, she lied to Yashpal that she will educate Durga, she made her this house’s maid, she made her do household work and tortured her, I have just seen that, today Subhadra did limit, she made Durga a waiter and took to my friend’s party, she made her serve guests and pick leftover plates, Durga is a little girl. He gets angry and goes. Shri gets shocked and sees Subhadra.

Yashpal comes home. Annapurna asks did you meet Durga. Durga comes. Annapurna asks why did her clothes get spoiled. Dadi asks her about Subhadra. Sheela, Shilpa and Amrita see Durga’s waiter dress. Yashpal sends Durga to room, and asks Annapurna to give food to Durga. Dadi asks won’t you have food. He says no, I m not hungry. Durga cries and hugs Annapurna. Yashpal counts money and recalls Durga. He worries. Annapurna says Durga is crying, what’s the matter, why are you so quiet. Yashpal says remember one thing, Durga will stay here. Dadi asks what happened, tell me, call Subhadra. He says don’t talk to that selfish woman about my Durga. They get shocked.

Amrita asks Durga the matter. Durga gets upset. Amrita asks her to say what happened. Durga says wrong happened. Yashpal says I did not imagine I will get cheated badly, I blindly believed on my blood. Dadi asks what did Subhadra do, why are you angry. He cries and says Subhadra kept Durga as maid there. They all get shocked. He says she made Durga do household work, she tortured Durga, today she crossed limits, she took Durga as waitress in Ashish’s boss’ party. Dadi hugs him. They all cry. Sheela looks on and smiles.

Dadi cries and says Subhadra had no shame to do this. Sheela thinks Subhadra is ahead of me. Amrita asks Durga why did you not tell me. Madhav comes and hears them. Durga says you were dealing with your sorrow. Amrita says you should have told me. Durga says I thought to study in big school, now Yashpal won’t send me. Yashpal says I will not send Durga, did I ask Subhadra to help me, why did she made my daughter a maid. Dadi and Annapurna cry. He says I can educate Durga on my own, she will stay in Bhiwani school.

Madhav asks everyone to keep their mobile phones for security reasons. Rajveer calls to know about Durga. Durga says Rajveer would be waiting for me.

Update Credit to: Amena

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