Meri Durga 5th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Meri Durga 5th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Yashpal getting Durga to the school. Everyone welcomes her. Annapurna and Rajveer smile. Yashpal says Durga will run in race and make village name shine. Durga recalls. FB shows Yashpal asking Durga not to ask guests and teacher leave, how can she insult her teacher. He says I don’t care by whatever you all say. Rajveer and Nandini get leaving. Yashpal says because I have realized this yesterday night itself, that running is necessary for Durga, even if she becomes officer or not, I will surely make her a runner. Everyone smile. Durga hugs Annapurna and Yashpal. Yashpal says running is Aradhna for her, I have understood this, how can I pull her back than supporting her. He asks Durga to come. She hugs him. FB ends.

Durga takes Annapurna on stage. Everyone claps for Durga.

Minister and principal honor Durga. Durga makes Yashpal wear the medal. She says four people made me successful, my parents, Rajveer and Nandini. She gets emotional. Yashpal says Annapurna made me realize her pain. Durga says I will run in nationals and get trophy. Sanjay says we all believe in you, you will win race, all the best. She thanks him. Rajveer reminds Durga about her solid practice. Durga says I will practice after Amrita’s marriage. He asks her not to eat fried and oily food, she has to be fit. Yashpal says I will see that, she got courage because of you, I m very ashamed, I behaved badly with you, forgive me. Rajveer forgives him and hugs. Yashpal thanks him and hugs Durga. Yashpal and Brij do the arrangements of Amrita’s marriage.

Dadi says I got emotional, I m very happy, both your daughters are going towards prosperity, I wish none’s bad sight catches them. He asks her what are you saying, your blessings are with them. He asks her to go and see if Amrita is ready or not. He asks Bantu to go and see Madhav, if he is ready, get him here. Annapurna makes Amrita ready as the bride and compliments her. Durga smiles seeing Amrita. Amrita gets worried.

Bantu asks Madhav to come, everyone is ready. He does not find Madhav. He calls him out and says Madhav is not in his room. Annapurna asks Amrita why is she upset. Bantu comes and says Madhav is not in his room. Amrita gets shocked. Everyone sits worried. Sheela smiles. They all get surprised seeing Madhav coming. Yashpal asks where were you, everyone was worried. Madhav says I want to tell something to you all, I truly love Amrita and want her happiness, so I don’t want Amrita to stay sorrowful with me in this marriage. Yashpal asks him to say clearly. Madhav says I came in your house with some other motive. He tells everything to them. They all get shocked. Dadi and Yashpal cry.

Neelkant says Durga is not running in race. Sanjay says no, she is running, her dad agreed. Neelkant asks a goon to break Durga’s legs.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. I don’t like what i saw in the precap. Rich people playing their filthy games and never get caught. To even go this far to break a young girl’s legs, very disturbing. I do hope the good will prevail and I really do hope the bad rich gets some jail time.

  2. Hi cool

  3. I bet Aarti is behind Neelkant’s behaviour.

  4. Jail time for bad rich people? Not in India! India is a place where the most heinous acts do not get punished because the criminal has connections to people in power. And if Neelkant, a powerful man, wants to break Durga’s legs, who can stop him? Malice and incredibly cruelty are the hallmarks of Indian Television shows; when such cruelty extends even to children, one wonders if there are any limits which the story writers will not cross.

  5. PLEASE do not let this happen,,, I beg of you writers

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