Meri Durga 5th February 2017 Written Episode Update

Meri Durga 5th February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Baby asks Dulaari to come and have food. Dulaari says wait, I will just come. She goes by excuse and farts. Durga’s friends cover their nose. Dadi asks Dulaari to come to have food. Dulaari goes. Durga’s friends meet her. She asks do you think you will help me, maths is my enemy who snatched my happiness, I m feeling like crying, how will I study maths by leaving Amrita’s marriage. Rishi and Amrita smile seeing each other. Baby sees them and smiles. Rishi asks Baby to come and have food. Baby asks him to have food first.

Yashpal thinks of hearing Baby that food is less for everyone, I can order it. Annapurna refuses to her. Yashpal asks Rishi to have food, I will have later. Rishi insists and asks him to have food with him. Yashpal says I have Sankranti fast, you

have food, I will have later. Pandit says fast is with heart, see how good son in law you got. Durga says I thought to dance in Amrita’s sangeet, and get mehendi applied, I had many dreams.

Yashpal gives money to pandit. Pandit says this was to give marriage date, you can give more as relation got fixed. Yashpal says its dakshina. Brij says its happiness matter. Sheela pinches Brij to stop him. Dulaari says its my work to give dakshina as Laxmi is coming to my house. She wards off bad sight from Amrita and gives money to pandit. Durga and her friends look on.

Its morning, the boy explains maths to Durga. Durga says I will fail. He asks why, I taught you well. She says I did not understand. He asks her not to see this and try harder. She says I m trying, I m forgetting everything, maths devil will eat me, I won’t be able to enjoy in Amrita’s marriage. She sees other boys studying and says if maths devil don’t run from me, dad will make me run to Bhiwani. They ask her to listen. She gets annoyed and crosses the track. They get shocked seeing the train coming. She runs ahead of the track. They call her out.

Amrita gives sweater to Yashpal. He says give it to me, I feel much cold. He says I like Rishi, he is mature. She says Durga’s punishment is much strict. He says its for her good. She says I know, she is like raw pot, she needs support, you are everything for us, we will shatter without you. He asks where is Durga. Annapurna says she is your daughter, she got annoyed and went school early.

Durga prays in the assembly. She studies in class. Yashpal sees Durga and thinks I m being tough, but its for your future. Dulaari comes home. Sheela takes her aside. Amrita does not see her. Sheela asks why did you not tell me that you are coming. Dulaari says I wanted to surprise you. They have a funny talk.

Durga and her friends exercise in PT. The man tells them about the race competition, the winner will get great prize. PT teacher asks Durga and her friends where are they going. The kids make excuses and leave. Sheela and Dulaari talk of their friendship. Dulaari asks why did you fix this proposal. Sheela says I can’t forget what happened with me. Dulaari asks what happened, your inlaws look simple. Sheela says you have to make them cry by heart.

Amrita washes clothes. Rishi meets her. He holds her hand and she gets tensed. Annapurna sees Dulaari. Durga hears about baba bawandar.

Update Credit to: Amena

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