Meri Durga 3rd February 2017 Written Episode Update

Meri Durga 3rd February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Yashpal saying I wanted money today. The man says don’t be sad, I will give you money, its festive time. Yashpal says I did not work today. The man says its fine, work tomorrow, man’s face and palms show his hardwork, I know you will work harder tomorrow, you don’t hesitate to ask money anytime, I m here. Yashpal thanks him. Yashpal happily drives home.

Durga sees kites in her maths book and tries to concentrate. Baby Maasi comes and hugs Amrita. She talks of Amrita’s marriage. Amrita gets shy. Baby hugs Annapurna. Annapurna cries. Baby asks what happened. Annapurna goes to get tea. Baby says just sit here and talk to me, what’s the matter, tell me. Annapurna cries and tells about Amrita’s attack, even groom’s family is coming, I was scared, if anything

happens…. Baby says you are innocent people, Lord is seeing, everything will get fine, don’t worry, I got this saree for Amma. Annapurna says thanks for coming.

Baby says if I could, I can solve all your problems. But Yashpal has head high and self esteem, he does not want to take my help, there are such people like him, you are lucky. She gives money to Annapurna. Annapurna says no. Baby says don’t become Yashpal now, get snacks for groom’s family, where is Durga.

Durga says I will not break my promise to dad and studies. Yashpal buys costly sweets. He sees Durga’s classmate buying a book and goes to book stall, asking which book did that girl buy. The man gives the book and says its maths sample papers book, it helps in exams. Yashpal thinks it will be useful for Durga and buys it. The sweetshop vendor calls him out to take sweets packet. Yashpal says I just thought to take boondi instead barfi. The man taunts him and gives him boondi. Yashpal leaves from sweetshop.

Everyone celebrate Sankranti. Dheel de…..plays………Durga’s friends do not fly kite. Brij flies the kite and asks Bantu to hold the thread roll. He asks where is Durga. Baby greets Dadi. Annapurna gives the saree. Dadi bless them. She says Annapurna always does her duty even if her family is struggling. Sheela hears this and says I don’t get praised for all my hardwork, what fate do I have.

Shilpa gets the pizza. Dadi asks her to share it with Durga and tell her that Baby Maasi has come. Sheela goes to the backside room and talks to Dulaari. She says I have praised Rishi. Shilpa comes there. Sheela says now Yashpal will spend money on Rishi, Dulaari will make him spend a lot. Shilpa says wait, Durga is here. They see Durga studying. Sheela asks Durga why is she studying here. Durga says sorry, I did not hear you. Sheela gets relieved. Shilpa says your Baby Maasi came, go. Durga runs and meets Baby. Baby asks Annapurna why did she cook less, Subhadra will be coming. Durga hugs Maasi and asks where is my gift. Baby gifts her a kite. Durga looks on.

Brij loses his kite and calls out Durga to come fast. Durga runs upstairs. A boy challenges Brij. Brij says if the boy gets this kite, I will lose respect. Durga says no one can dare to take your kite. She runs. Brij says now we will get out kite, don’t miss the kite Durga. The boys run to get Brij’s kite. Durga runs over the terraces and tries to get Brij’s kite. Her friends see her and join her. Durga runs with them. They go towards the fields to get the kite. Durga gets the kite. They all smile.

Durga happily runs and collides with Yashpal. She gets the maths book and sees Yashpal. Durga’s friend come to meet her and hide. Pandit gives the marriage date. Yashpal scolds Durga.

Update Credit to: Amena

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    Durga can still have fun an study. She’s just not focusing herself. Shes to busy worrying about not flying a kite to focus. Shes stressing herself too much.

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