Meri Durga 31st October 2017 Written Episode Update: Durga records the truth

Meri Durga 31st October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Durga coming to meet Gayatri. Gayatri says I want to check you, enemy shouldn’t be underestimated, you are wise. She checks Durga. Yashpal and Rajveer come there. Yashpal says we will go in if we find any problem. Durga makes the spycam right. She records Neelkant and Gayatri. Gayatri says you are brave to come. Neelkant asks Durga why did she want to meet them. Durga says I want to end all our differences here. She cries and apologizes. She says you were right, I was a fool, my family can’t fight with you, I should have understood your power when I learnt you have added drugs in my jalebis and got me banned, I couldn’t do anything. Gayatri says we are glad you know our power now.

Durga says I understood it now, when Rajveer recalled he has hidden evidence in this

house, before we could do anything, you have erased the evidence, Rajveer was captured by you, if you can do this with him, you can do anything with my family. Neelkant says right. Durga apologizes. Gayatri says I can forgive you on one condition. Rajveer says Durga didn’t come till now. Yashpal says we will wait for some time. Durga asks condition, I agree to all conditions. Gayatri smiles. She says fine, you will call press conference, you will accept you took drugs 5 years ago, I was not involved in it, and now you will never run. Durga nods. Gayatri asks her to talk to journalist and say you want to call press conference. Durga thinks you are digging your grave by doing this. She happily leaves. Aarti sees Durga. Rajveer and Yashpal take Durga. Aarti thinks where did she disappear, thank God SP didn’t see him. Durga says I m fine, I took time to settle old scores.

Aarti and Sanjay come home. She goes to Gayatri. Durga says what all happened. Neelkant says we won’t forgive Durga. Aarti says I won’t let her reach SP. She goes to Sanjay and asks him to try the engagement clothes. He says this is not needed. She insists and sends him. She sees his phone. Yashpal and Rajveer see the video and praise Durga. She says I have to tell SP about this, its about his parents. Yashpal says fine, you decide this, you do what you think right. Aarti blocks Durga’s number. Durga calls SP. She fails to connect. Sanjay comes. Aarti says this is suiting you, this is final then, see you tomorrow. She goes thinking Durga can’t tell anything to SP now. Durga messages Sanjay.

Its morning, Neelkant gives a drink to Gayatri. He says all tension will end, Durga’s name will end, we will sign a new deal with Aarti’s dad, he is coming, he is investing 50 crores. She says I feel scared, I just want her to do as we said, I think Aarti’s dad has come. They talk to Aarti’s dad. Durga attends the conference. Gayatri plays the news and asks Sanjay won’t he like to see the news. Durga and Yashpal ask reporters to sit. Rajveer prays nothing wrong happens. Durga says I decided to bring out a big truth, your belief in sportsman spirit will end, this video has everything I want to say. Everyone looks on.

Durga plays the video. Neelkant and Gayatri get exposed. People beat them with slippers. Sanjay looks on shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Ravi

    Oh yeah! Finally! Hope dt nothing will go wrong again!

  2. Bravo! Durga ????????GOto hell aarti.. aarti and sp engagement also will not happen then.. ??its party time.. Durga sp
    rajveer ??❤

  3. Finally! It was dragging for so long. Let’s see some justice now.

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