Meri Durga 31st May 2017 Written Episode Update

Meri Durga 31st May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Amrita thinking about Madhav. Madhav comes to her and helps her removing her bangles. He says Krishna can be of everyone, but Radha who is much beautiful is just of Krishna. Her dupatta gets stuck in chair. He frees it. She smiles. He holds her dupatta and stops her. He says I wanted to tell my feelings and did not get a chance ever. He gets on his knees and gives her the ring. He shows the tattoo on his hand. She sees I love you Amrita and gets shocked. She recalls Rishi. Madhav asks what happened, did I do some mistake, why are you crying. She leaves from there.

At night, Durga goes to get Yashpal’s uniform. Yashpal turns in sleep. She hides. She gets his uniform and silently leaves. Her friend says you have worked hard for the race. Durga says I just have to save dad’s

job. She gets dressed as the peon. Annapurna gets shocked and asks what’s happening. Her friend says we will make everything fine.

Rajveer waits for Durga. He says its limit, she should have come on time today. Kuljit’s dad reminds Rajveer the past. Kuljit says I completed the round. Her dad asks her to save stamina. Rajveer wishes her best of luck. Her dad asks Rajveer to be ready to lose. Rajveer sees the time. Aarti smiles.

Durga reaches the school in peon’s clothes. Her friends make principal busy asking about holidays. Durga goes. Principal thinks where did that peon go. A lady comes and tells Annapurna about Amrita playing Radha’s role well, Madhav was looking good as Krishna, they looked real lovers, it was fun to watch them in Rasleela. Annapurna worries. Lady asks did Amrita not tell you anything. Annapurna recalls Amrita’s words. Lady says their jodi looked so good, don’t feel bad, Amrita is very simple, be careful about her.

Madhav thinks about Amrita’s reaction. He sees her coming on terrace. He goes to her. She avoids him. He asks her to say if he did any mistake, don’t be annoyed. She recalls Rishi and cries. He says I can’t see you crying. She says the dream you are seeing can never be fulfilled. He gets shocked.

Durga says I have to save dad’s job in school, I have to go in race too, principal sir needs tea, if he sees me and identifies then, what shall I do. She calls her friend for help. She asks him to call principal when she goes to give tea.

Annapurna gives the bag to Amrita. She says neighbor lady told me that Madhav became Krishna with you in Rasleela, is this true, you said girls are playing all roles. Amrita says yes, Madhav became Krishna, that girl Seema ran away in last moment, so Madhav had to become Krishna, else our hardwork would have got waste, there is nothing else. She leaves. Durga gives tea to principal. He stops her and asks name. Durga wishes her friend calls soon. Principal walks to her.

Rajveer says race will start, where is Durga. Durga says I m not going for race. Principal sees her and asks who are you. He gets shocked and says Durga you….

Update Credit to: Amena

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