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Meri Durga 31st July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Chandni taunting Annapurna over keeping pallu on head. She calls Annapurna shameless. Sheela asks Chandni and the ladies to listen. Everyone leaves. Sheela asks Dadi what’s happening, why did the house fights come out. Yashpal supports Annapurna. He says Sheela told house fights to the panchayat. Dadi says I know she is right, it does not mean everyone do wrong, my bahu won’t go out without pallu. She gets angry on Annapurna.

Durga locks Sanjay in the class. She says I will forget everything and give you to police if you do anything, think this is my last warning. He says you can lie by your beautiful eyes, but I can read the dirt, you cheated in friendship, did you feel bad if I replied, you slapped me, you don’t know the result, you will be out of this college in

24 hours, I will throw you out, just because I hate you. She says you stay in your misunderstanding, you deserve this. She goes. He looks on angrily.

Annapurna thinks of Dadi’s words and stops. Yashpal holds her hand and takes her out. Dadi stops him and says bahu won’t go out of the house without pallu. Yashpal says forgive me, I have to do father’s duty than son’s duty, I will make Durga’s fear out of her heart. He asks Dadi to move and cries. Yashpal and Annapurna leave. People talk about Annapurna. Dadi looks on.

Sam comes to Durga and says I know Sanjay locked you, I don’t have proof for your innocence. She says I don’t know any proof. He says SP is big player, let me become president once and then I will get your respect. She says I can take care of myself, please stay away. He says I understand you can’t trust anyone, I can do anything to prove my friendship, I like very few people and you are one of them. She goes. He says she is not understanding. Yashpal and family reach the temple. Durga sees the ban on her. Aarti comes there and makes her fall down. She taunts Durga.

Durga gets up and cleans the dirt towards her. Aarti twists her hand and asks about slapping Sanjay. Durga says be thankful you were not in his place. Aarti says you will go out with defamation. Durga steps on her feet and goes. Everyone sees Yashpal and Annapurna. Chandni stops Annapurna and says we won’t let shameless people enter the temple. All the people get angry. Sheela asks Dadi to stop Yashpal. Yashpal asks them to listen. Dadi asks him to come with him. Yashpal says respect such pure place, let us go. Chandni says you insulted wife, what will you respect temple, we will not allow you to get inside temple.

Durga’s friend tell her about the people insulting Yashpal and Annapurna. Durga comes there and takes the trishul.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Another stupid show. Seriously the writers need to learn from other tv writers around the world. Did these writers even study??? clearly not!

  2. Sejsmiles

    Stupidity to the max.

  3. I like this show, but I am not blind to its shortcomings! At the beginning this serial shows signs of being different from the other bakwas shows… But soon it started to accumulate discrepancy upon discrepancy…. Some characters just vanish into thin air; example the third childhood friend of Durga (I forget his name) and his father, Madhav, Amrita’s husband. Moreover Sheela’ s plotting with Dulari to ruin the marriage of Amrita is never known to the family! Her plotting with a false doctor to make Dadi believe she has TB is never known to the rest of the family also!! The coach Rajveer is being kept prisoner for so long and no one bothers! Durga who is supposed to be a strong character refused to run all these years to regain her lost honour! The insults on the wall are still visible and she is content about it!! Now why do Yashpal’s wife and children refuse the separation of the house? I think it would have
    been a good thing! No love lost between the two families. Sheela and Shilpa never lose opportunity to insult Yashpal and his family! By the way why is Shilpa still around and where is her husband? What other stupidity should we swallow again and again? Please writers and co…. People watching these shows are not fools and idiots that you may come up with stupid nonsense and expect them to accept it! Please amend your ways and come up with more intelligent scenarios and scripts!

  4. Another thing: Please do not come up with the usual foolish tracks , i.e. loss of memory , kidnapping, etc etc Oh God .but…they’ve already done it I was a fool not to realise that! Coach Rajveer’s case!!! Such a pity….

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