Meri Durga 30th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Durga gets threatened

Meri Durga 30th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with the officers insulting Durga and her family. Rajveer asks them to show their ID card. He says it means you all are fraud, we shall take them to police station. Neelkant calls and threatens Durga. The fake officers laugh. Gayatri says Durga you can know what we can do, we can send real officers and police also, your life has nothing special, keep everything you have safe, if you tell anyone the truth, you know what can happen. They all hear this. Durga recalls everything. She says I want to meet you in private. Gayatri says you have courage. Yashpal thinks why Durga wants to meet her. Durga says I will wait for your call, meeting is imp. She ends call and signs Yashpal.

Gayatri and Neelkant talk about Durga, that she didn’t get scared by their threatening. He says she

has no proof against us, she can’t do anything. Durga says this is my plan. Rajveer asks is she mad. She says we have no proof now, we just have courage, things changed. Yashpal says we can’t guess what they can do. Durga says you didn’t teach me to lose, I was called zero before, you and Rana Sir made me reach national level. She convinces them. She says Sarfaroshi ki tamanna. Yashpal, Dadi, Rajveer, Brij and Annapurna join her. She gets Gayatri’s call and says she called me to meet tomorrow. Sanjay and Durga think of each other. He composes a message and deletes it, thinking he can’t deny the promise made to mum. She thinks of Yashpal’s words.

Gayatri gets the gun and says this time we will not let enemies get off, what will happen of Durga, I won’t let her know. Aarti comes there. She says you can trust me. Sanjay comes. He asks Aarti did she had work. Aarti says I came to invite them for jagrata. He says mom needs rest, I will send Anjana. Neelkant says you can go, puja is kept for you and Aarti. Sanjay says no, who will take care of mom. Gayatri says Neelkant will take care of me, you should go.

Sanjay agrees. They go. Gayatri says it will be easy to face Durga after Sanjay goes. Durga gets the spy cam and tells Yashpal about it. Manohar asks her to start recording when she is ready. She puts it in her kurta button. Annapurna does her aarti. She says I will expose him, I have to face this alone, you always supported me. He says I will get police there if there is any problem, go. She gets everyone’s blessings. She goes to Sanjay’s house. Gayatri welcomes her. She says I don’t leave any witness after some crime. Durga thinks I won’t go without getting the proof.

Gayatri says enemy shouldn’t be underestimated. She checks Durga. Durga apologizes. Someone pulls Durga.

Update Credit to: Amena

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