Meri Durga 2nd October 2017 Written Episode Update: Sanjay gets kidnapped

Meri Durga 2nd October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Yashpal and Durga leaving. Amrita waits at stadium. Sanjay is on the way and thinks Durga would be reaching stadium, I will get a gift for her. He reaches a shop and makes call to someone. The man gives the locket. Sanjay sees Durga No. 1 and says Durga will get happiness after winning this race, her career will start again, we both will not forget this day. Some goons stop her. Brij goes to call Yashpal. He sees Yashpal taking Durga on cycle and calls him out. He thinks Yashpal ended everything. Everyone in panchayat sees Yashpal and Durga going. Dadi says he got mad to take Durga to race. The lady asks them to see how they are cheating. Panchayat gets angry.

Sanjay fights with goons. They tie him up and take him in the car. Amrita thinks of Yashpal’s words. She sees

Durga and Yashpal. Durga says its long story, I will say later. Durga gets surrounded by media. They all ask her about her decision to run. Durga doesn’t answer. Gayatri sees her on news. Brij gets sad and comes to Dadi. He says everything got over. Panchayat says Yashpal didn’t care for Brij and took his daughter. Brij gets punished to shave off his moustache. Durga comes to the stadium and recalls the past. She thinks of Yashpal’s words. She cries. She thinks where is SP.

Gayatri asks goons to remember SP is her son, if he gets hurt, it won’t be good for them. She says I m doing wrong with SP to stop Durga, I will make all happiness and victory away from Durga. Durga thinks Aarti and thinks I have to win, I can’t let dad’s belief break. She looks on while Aarti runs in a round. She goes to get blessing from Yashpal. He stops her and goes. She thinks to show love is not her weakness. He thinks I will see if she wins or loses because of love. Durga asks Amrita about SP. Amrita says he said he left from home. She calls SP and asks Durga to focus on race, she will keep trying.

The man congratulates Aarti for getting in finals. Durga comes there. The man asks her to go and prepare. Yashpal looks on. Durga recalls him and thinks I have to win this race and show that love is strength, not a hurdle. Gayatri sees the race on tv. Durga starts running. She wins the race. Gayatri looks on. Durga reaches in final district race. Gayatri calls goons. She asks how where is stadium. The goon says half an hour away. She says let him go. The goon says we caught the wrong man and leaves Sanjay. Sanjay runs out. The goon calls Gayatri and says we left him. She says I will do what I have to. Durga waits for Sanjay. He is on the way. The man tells about the final race. Durga thinks where is Sanjay. Yashpal thinks Durga will know if her love is her weakness or strength. Sanjay tries to reach stadium.

Sanjay falls down and gets hurt. Durga gets ahead in finals. She sees Sanjay hurt and her speed gets low.

Update Credit to: Amena

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