Meri Durga 2nd November 2017 Written Episode Update: Neelkant kidnaps Durga’s family

Meri Durga 2nd November 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Durga recalling Annapurna’s words. She makes her wear pallu on head again. She hugs her and cries. Dadi asks the villagers not to be biased towards girls, even girls can give a life to a family. Brij says yes, Durga has given us a life of respect. He blesses her. He says I have a good news, sarpanch is happy with her bravery, he is ready to apologize to us, he wants to give us honor. They all smile.

Yashpal gets water bucket to clean the bad comments on the wall. Durga asks him not to clean the stain, others have applied this and they will erase it when she wins national champions without drugs, when I win this time, these villagers will clean this stain, I get courage seeing this wall. He agrees. He says we all should go temple to thank Lord. Dadi says yes. They all


Durga gets Sanjay’s call. He says I want to meet you. She says sorry. He says its my family’s mistake, I hate them, how can they do this. She says I had to do this for my family, are you fine. He says I want to meet you right now. She says I m going temple. He says I will meet you there. She thinks Sanjay would have big shock knowing this. Everyone comes to temple. Sanjay pulls Durga and takes her away. He hugs her and cries. Piya…..plays……. He says I m very ashamed, my family didn’t do right, I can’t believe Aarti can fall so low, sorry, punish me, I m also part of this family, but I won’t lie, I didn’t know anything, I trusted my family, my mum cheated me, I need you. She says sorry, I had to do this, I tried to call you.

He says I m glad truth came out, you have opened my eyes, I m sorry for whatever happened with you. She says I have to go. He hugs her. They go to temple. He asks where is everyone. Pandit says no one has come here. Durga asks people about her family. She sees Annapurna’s slipper and says its mum’s slipper, aarti plate is also here. She shouts. Everyone is kidnapped by Neelkant. Neelkant shouts Durga has ruined my world, now I will ruin her family and happiness. He slaps Brij. Sanjay says what shall we do now. Neelkant calls her. She sees Sanjay.

Neelkant threatens her and shows the entire family on videocall. He says many accidents happen every day, you like to get praised by media, think what will you read in newspaper tomorrow. He asks her to see everyone. She cries. Sanjay gets shocked.

Durga argues with inspector. Goons stop her. Sanjay fights with goons. He says leave Durga, else I will cut my hand.

Update Credit to: Amena

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