Meri Durga 2nd July 2017 Written Episode Update

Meri Durga 2nd July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Amrita and Madhav’s haldi happening. Dadi says Madhav’s haldi will be done first. Dadi applies haldi to Madhav. Madhav thinks why is Amrita looking annoyed with me. Durga applies haldi to Madhav. Dadi applies haldi to Amrita and asks her to always stay happy. Everyone dance. Madhav goes to Amrita to apply haldi. She stops him and gets angry. He gets shocked. Durga sits sad. Yashpal comes to her. He asks her about her friends. She says I will call them. He says we will go somewhere tomorrow morning, get ready. She agrees.

Yashpal thinks whatever I do in next 24 hours will be for your good. Madhav asks Amrita why are you running away from me. They see Shilpa. Madhav hides with Amrita. He says I m trying to tall to you, tell me if there is anything in heart, very soon we

are going to get married. Amrita cries and this haldi is not used to make face glow, its applied on wound also. I also got a wound on my soul, I got to know what’s your truth and intentions to come here. She cries and says I trusted you and your fake love. Madhav gets shocked.

He asks her to hear him once. She says I don’t want to, my family went through a lot, I can’t see them breaking, I will marry even if I get death or hell, I loved you by heart and now I hate you. Madhav stops her. He asks her to listen once, I agree I came with bad intention, but now I changed, my intention and heart changed, our relation started with a lie, but today it changed into truth, I truly love you, I tried to tell you truth, I was scared that I may lose you. She says I m not stupid to believe you again. She scolds him and goes.

Its morning, Yashpal sees Durga sleeping and recalls Annapurna’s words. He says very soon. Annapurna will understand, this running and all is not your passion, child’s heart is like kite, it flies by wind anywhere, your habit will go, you will forget running. He calls her out. She wakes up. She asks did he wake her, it means he has forgiven her.

He says yes, we will be going out, we have some work. She hugs him. He asks her to get ready. He goes to Annapurna. Durga sees the kites and smiles. Yashpal says I want your help, will you help me, you have to make kites, will you make. She agrees and sits to make kites. Yashpal asks Annapurna to see, she is so happy. Durga teaches kite making to him. Annapurna sees Durga laughing.

The man praises Durga and asks Yashpal to bless his daughter.

Update Credit to: Amena

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