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Meri Durga 2nd February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Yashpal giving money to Annapurna and saying about supervision work. She asks how did you get hurt. He says hand burnt by mistake, it happens. Yashpal goes school and does his peon’s duty. The other peon asks him why is he working like machine, your body will get unwell. Yashpal washes face to avoid sleep. Yashpal says I have to support my daughters and smiles.

Sheela says everyone will feel wrong if I say, Durga was using light in room all night. Amrita sees tv going in in Sheela’s room and says Durga has to study, what’s wrong in that. Annapurna says leave all this, don’t think much, think of your new life.

Durga is with her friends in market. She says I will be away from kites, else I can’t focus on kites, you all will not fly kites and not celebrate

Sankranti without me, I m not celebrating. They ask why. She says because I m saying. They agree and promise her. She says I will study hard.

Yashpal works at sight. His glasses get saved. The man comes and says you come on Sankranti day, I will give you 500rs. Yashpal agrees and thinks he will save more money and can pay Dakshina easily.

Sheela goes to Annapurna’s room and sees a steel box. She gets money inside and thinks how did it come. Annapurna comes and takes money. Annapurna says its pandit’s dakshina. Sheela says you are saying as if I will take it, I know Brij gave this. Annapurna says that got stolen, Yahspal is working hard and saving money. Amrita hears them. Amrita gets shocked and gets attack. Annapurna runs to her. She holds Amrita.

Yashpal comes and asks Annapurna how did Amrita get attack, did she get much worried. Annapurna says she heard me telling Sheela about your hardwork. Dadi worries. Yashpal says everything is fine, once work ends at site, I will be at home. Brij comes and says Amrita is fine, no need to worry. Dadi says pandit, Dulaari and Rishi are coming, can they meet Amrita. Brij says yes. Yashpal says I will tell them about Amrita’s state, relation by cheat is not right, think well, if Amrita gets unwell in their state, she will bear sorrow.

Dadi asks why are you spoiling things, lock your honesty for some days. Yashpal says lying is bad. Dadi says its enough, I know such illness gets fine after marriage, she may not get attack again, have courage. Brij says Amma is right, no need to say, celebrate Sankranti. He gets a message and reads out.

Brij wishes them Makar Sankranti. Durga goes to Amrita and asks is she fine. Amrita asks her to study well, and fulfill dad’s dream. Durga asks why did you not study, did you get afraid of maths. Amrita thinks how to tell you, a strange man used to follow me every day on way to school and I fainted by fear. She says I used to stay unwell in childhood and did not go school, you are fine, you study hard. Durga says maths is troubling me, I told my friends I will study in Sankranti and not fly kites, I promised dad. Amrita hugs her.

Durga’s friend get kite. Other friend says we promised that we will not fly kite, we will not fly kite without her. Durga sees the kite out of window and pulls down curtain. She sits studying.

Sheela says we will have pizza today, not home food. Yashpal gives money to Shilpa and asks her to have pizza. She thanks him. Brij feeds her laddoo. Brij says we will get chance to compete with all villagers, we will win. Durga will fly kite. Yashpal says no, she will study. Sheela asks Shilpa to have extra chutney with pizza. Shilpa goes. Sheela says we will have real Sankranti in evening, when we get Yashpal’s money.

Brij asks Durga to come and fly kite. Durga does not see kites. Brij says its your day, its about my respect, come. Durga says I will not see kite. Brij asks what are you saying. Durga says kite is clever, and calls me, I m also clever, I will study in room. She goes. Yashpal thinks Durga studies hard. Brij takes Dadi’s blessings and goes to fly kites. Durga shuts door and windows so that no one disturb. She does not get light in room and uses a torch. The village celebrates Sankranti. Durga studies.

Yashpal goes to site to work. The man asks him to go and fly kites, come for work tomorrow. Yashpal worries thinking of paying Dakshina to pandit.

Durga asks kite not to call her now. Yashpal gets maths sample papers book and thinks it will be useful for Durga. Aunty gifts a kite to Durga. Durga goes to the terrace and sees kites.

Update Credit to: Amena

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