Meri Durga 29th May 2017 Written Episode Update

Meri Durga 29th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Rajveer saying we will practice hopping and jumping, see how I land on ground, we will see rhythm jumping. He shows her and asks her to do. Durga practices. She does well.

At workshop, Amrita says I think no one needs me here, I will better do my work. Madhav holds her hand and stops her. He says I can see someone jealous. She asks him to ask girls. He says if Radha goes, how will Rasleela happen, Krishna’s flute just plays for Radha. Amrita smiles. The girls say you talk so lovely things. Madhav says just like that.

Amrita asks them to come and prepare for Rasleela. She asks Madhav to go and do his work. He says no, I will see you all, how you all are performing. Durga gets tired and asks for break. Rajveer asks her to continue. Durga practices. He asks her

to practice even at home. She agrees. He asks her to go.

Kuljit sees Durga’s practice moves and notes down. Madhav says I will show the steps. He dances with the girls. Amrita gets angry. He asks her to do rehearsals. Amrita says I know, you go and focus on other things, I will teach them. Shilpa comes and looks on. Madhav says there is one role left, I want a girl for it. Shilpa thinks I can do the role and impress Madhav. She says you need a girl for play, I was passing by and came to meet, I will play that role. He says great, I will explain about role. She says no, I m expert, I will manage. He asks them to start rehearsals. Shilpa smiles seeing him. Amrita says all girls are mad. Madhav sees her jealousy.

Dadi takes care of Yashpal. Brij comes and is upset. He says Yashpal has dengue as per reports. Annaourna cries. Amrita hugs her. Durga comes and cheers Yashpal by her talk. Yashpal smiles. Durga says laughter is the best medicine. He says I will get fine. Brij go for your work. Dadi asks him to rest. Durga says I will become joker for Yashpal.

Durga meets her friends. She says Yashpal slept, doctor asked him to rest, what’s the matter. They tell her about new peon interviews going on in school to replace Yashpal. She gets shocked and says he will be upset knowing this. Sheela hears them and smiles.

She tells Annapurna that very soon she won’t have any status. She taunts and says Yashpal is losing his job. They get shocked. Amrita gets Yashpal there. Durga worries. Yashpal asks what’s the matter, I was bored resting so came here. Its morning, Amrita prays. The girls rehearse. Amrita asks them to start preparation. She thinks where is Madhav. A girl slips and Madhav holds her. Amrita gets angry. The girl says you are very nice. Madhav asks are you fine, I will get the heavy bag. She thanks him. He sees Amrita.

Amrita gets ready. Madhav asks her to come out. She asks him to go to his special Krishna. Durga and Kuljit run in the practice sessions.

Update Credit to: Amena

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