Meri Durga 29th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Meri Durga 29th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Brij asking Durga to think once. Durga goes crying and recalls what all happened with her in the past. She sees her sports shoe and recalls the ban. She thinks of Annapurna’s words. Kitni baatein yaad aati hai……plays…. She cries. Yashpal says I will go to Durga. Annapurna stops him. He smiles and says I did ever think that you are so strong. She says I did this for you, I know how you wanted to make Durga’s fear away, you did father’s duty and I have just did this. He says there is much pain behind Durga’s smile, we have to get her anger out, she will have courage seeing your courage, mum is children’s strength, my Durga will not stop you, you did great thing today.

Its morning, Sanjay sees the students cheering for union leader Sam. Sam comes

to Sanjay and says three days more and then elections, I did not see Durga going anywhere, you just let me become college president, then see how I make you all dance. Sanjay asks did you say something, I don’t have habit to hear nonsense, next time think of better pravachan. Sam laughs and says I will see you. Aarti says real problem is that Durga, did you think about her. Sanjay smiles and asks shall we lock Durga. Aarti asks what. He goes.

Durga is in ladies washroom. Sanjay comes there and shuts the door. She asks what are you doing in girls washroom, are you mad, go from here. He says I don’t go anywhere without any motive, you called me here, I got emotional by childhood friendship. She asks what nonsense, I m going. He stops her. She says this joke is not good, shall I leave for my class. He asks her to go or move. He holds her and smiles.

A girl asks for opening the door. Durga gets worried. Aarti asks what happened. She recalls Sanjay’s words and says open the door. Sanjay says do something to move me. Durga says you are mad, leave me. Aarti says I think we should call someone for help. Sanjay asks are you liking me getting close, won’t you do anything to move me away. Durga starts acting to sneeze. He leaves her and gets back. She asks did you get afraid of a sneeze. She goes. Sanjay spoils his hair and removes his jacket off shoulder. He thinks did she think I just did this to tease her. He comes out wearing his jacket and calling her out.

Aarti asks what were you doing in girls washroom. Sanjay says you act straight, this cheap things won’t work on me, don’t try on me. Durga asks what. Aarti asks Sanjay what does he mean. He says what shall I tell now, she is afraid that I will make her out of college, she has tried to seduce me. They all get shocked.

Sanjay says she was trying to trap me in her sweets words, I will not come in her words, I will bring her true face out. Durga angrily slaps him. Sanjay gets angry. Amrita does prayers. Shilpa sees her and taunts on Amrita for suhaagan puja. Sheela and Shilpa hurt her. Yashpal looks on and thinks Amrita hears people’s taunts and bears all this. Chandni and other ladies come. Chandni asks about Annapurna without pallu. Everyone looks on.

Principal comes and asks what’s happening. He asks everyone to leave. Principal scolds Durga and Sanjay. Durga says Sanjay locked me, he came in girls washroom, I did not do anything. Sanjay asks how can I do this, she called me asking help and locked me, she is doing this to defame me. Durga says he is lying and wants to defame me, he wants me to leave college, but I will not do this. They argue. Principal says shut up both of you, if I get another complain, it will be your last day. He goes. Durga and Sanjay get angry and point fingers at each other.

Dadi stops Annapurna from going to temple. Sanjay says you will be out of college in next 24 hours, I just hate you Durga.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Wat d bleady serial track gng on here!!! Just dng tympass. Daily I’m expecting some betterment in it, but its crossing d limits of stupidity yar.

    Anyways guy’s njy diz stupid ” meri durga” and it’s stupid crap

    Good bye forever to ur stupid tympass

  2. Aarti32

    SP is so chalu..I mean how cunning of him.. messy hair n half open jacket..n d way he came out n held his jacket, securing his izzat?

  3. Please stop all this dragging and come to the point…. We want Rana sir back VERY SOON! So enough about SP’s pranks and humiliations on the poor Durga! It’s time he gets humiliated when everyone learns about the misdeeds of his father!

  4. what was that???? god enough of this drama how many times we gonna see this already saw it in the movie dil…etc etc, don’t they have any other track????????? wanted to see durga to expose the truth of aarti & sp’s father & sp apologizing for his deeds………

  5. Aarti32

    Y is dat evil girl’s name Aarti..I hate more bcz her name is Aarti..y such evil girl has such nice name..

    1. ?????
      Same name

  6. This SP knows no shame. Just because he hates Durga doesn’t mean he is allowed to do everything, including an act of disrespect.

  7. At leat this time, Durga slapped Sanjay. But this is not enough. The writers should empower Durga with more intelligence and more strength to realise that Sanjay is not just a misguided youth but a fiendish devil incarnate psychopath who must be pushed back severely as soon as he comes close.

    1. Totally agree with you! For all those who is waiting so impatiently that the love story of Durga and SP begins…. please how can a decent girl like Durga fall in love with such a rascal? I wish that Durga never falls in love with this indecent guy! SP deserves girls like Aarti. How I long for SP to fall from his pedestal!

      1. yes even i want da new guy sam for her or sm other guy

      2. Mona146

        unfortunately this will not happen and cvs will try to do the same and connect SP and Durga. If peopl stop watching the serial immediately after sp-durga paring then they may think about it.

  8. what is the meaning of Haryana that I don’t were pallo on my there any important tradition to were pallo on women’s head ,,why all members of Durga family got so shock when Annapurna told that I will not were pallo….pls any one tell me it’s importance……pls…

    1. ranawath singh

      As u may know already dat our Indian’s follows some traditions and rules, especially in females matters. So in d same way for Punjabi ppl “a married women must and should wear pallu on her head, it’s an olden traditionality ” removing pallu means disrespecting husband and family.

      I hope u got it now clearly!!!!!

  9. All starplus shows should be canned. In fact starplus should just declare itself bankrupt and wrap up all shows and piss off!

    1. Mona146

      this is as impossible as Salman admitting his own crime and go to jail.

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