Meri Durga 28th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Neelkant ruins the evidence

Meri Durga 28th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Rajveer and Durga coming to a construction site. He shows the proof to her. She sees the video. He says you will be proved innocent. She says we should give this to sports authority. Neelkant asks how can this happen. They get shocked seeing Neelkant and his goons. Neelkant says if you are proved innocent, we will be proved culprit. He says Rajveer is smart to hide evidence in my own house. He asks him to give proof. Durga keeps the phone in Rajveer’s pocket and signs him. She tries to run. Rajveer fights with the goons.

Neelkant points gun at Durga and asks Rajveer to give mobile. Durga asks Rajveer not to give it. Rajveer says I will give it, here it is. He throws the phone to Neelkant. Neelkant pushes Durga. He says Rajveer will have a note, check him. Goon gets the note and burns it. Neelkant shoots at the phone. He asks goons to beat them. Yashpal comes and beats the goons. Durga tells Neelkant that she will take revenge from him. Neelkant asks her what is she threatening, she can’t do anything. He leaves. Durga fights with the goons. Yashpal holds Durga. She sees the phone.

They all come home sadly. Yashpal says atleast we got to know real culprit. Durga says yes, Lord will show us the way. Gayatri says so they learnt the truth. Neelkant says they can’t do anything without proof. She says Durga won’t be quiet. He recalls her words and says she can provoke Sanjay against us, she becomes stronger every time. She says Durga’s family is her weakness, we don’t know what will burn in the revenge fire. They smile.

Rajveer thinks of the incident. Durga thinks he is worried and signs to Yashpal. She talks positive and cheers up Rajveer. She says I will get family support and love, my courage got strong. Rajveer looks on and smiles. Some men enter the house. The man says we got info from sports authority that Durga started taking banned medicines again. They get shocked. The men check the house. They put medicines and frame Durga. Durga gets shocked. The man says Yashpal got the medicines for Durga.

Annapurna says Durga is innocent. The men insult Durga. Durga gets arrested.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Why do they have to drag the storyline this way. Let Durga proof her innocent and then come up with another problem she has to fight throuh. Don’t let it drag like Kumkumb Bhagya.

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