Meri Durga 28th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Meri Durga 28th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sheela scolding Durga. She says everyone thinks just for Durga, not Bantu, why shall we bear all this, Bantu’s state is this because of Durga, she is a stain on this house. Yashpal shouts enough, Durga will get this black color by her hands, till she tells us that she will run, I will not stop this diya from blowing off, if house division is imp, then let it happen. Brij asks him not to come in Sheela’s words. Yashpal says no, everyone is doing as they want, I will get house papers and end this matter. Sheela says its good if wall is build today itself. Dadi cries.

Yashpal goes to get papers. Durga asks him not to do this and stop the division. He asks why, if you don’t listen to me, this division will happen. He goes downstairs. He asks the men to make a wall in the

middle of the house, house got divided. Durga says don’t make the wall, please. Durga asks Annapurna to tell them not to do this. She says I can’t run, you know me. Yashpal does not agree. Sheela chooses her side of the house. Brij gets angry.

Yashpal asks the man to make high wall. Brij asks him not to do this. Yashpal says I m obeying your wife. Everyone cry. Yashpal asks Brij to go to his side. The men make a line and start building the wall. Everyone looks on. Sheela, Shilpa and Bantu smile. Durga asks Annapurna to do something. Annapurna gets a hammer and breaks the wall. Everyone gets shocked. She says no division will happen in this house, Durga will leave her stubbornness, she did big mistake to bear injustice, she did wrong to be silent and bear wrong blames.

She asks Durga to fulfill her dreams, don’t give place to their thinking in your heart, else this thing will go on, society has insulted us, they called your dad a cheater, they raised finger at your upbringing, I will not be quiet, our house is getting divided, we have just lost, we did not get anything, you have to break your silence and earn respect back, till you don’t get the respect back, I will not wear pallu on my head. Durga cries.

Annapurna says I will always remind you what happened with us, our inner pain is still the same. Yashpal cries and says none will stop Annapurna. He salutes her. Brij says Durga see your mum and dad’s unity, what is Yashpal asking, you can return our lost respect back, everyone call you village’s stain, just do what Yashpal said.

Sanjay stops Durga and tries to defame her. Durga slaps him.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Finally our serial came to d exact series. Now durga vil realise her mistake and again start practising running again, if she really respects her mother and whole family.

    Durga vil do a gud thing by slapping hardly to sp bcz he really crossed his limits by saying “seducing” word. He might have think about girls respect once.

    Finally waiting for coach rajveer sir returning seen eagerly. If durga and rana sir meets once den d actual game STARTS……

    1. When did he say “seducing”? As i’m not a regular follower of this serial, can u answer me why is this sp hell bent on insulting durga, i heard he supported her earlier

  2. Mithila Farzana

    Durga did the right thing by slapping sp..he deserve that..

  3. This awful Sp deserves a good correction! Waiting impatiently when his disreputable father and girlfriend Arti will be exposed! i wonder in whose possession the incriminating phone is? Please let us know soonest.

  4. Durga ne bhut aacha kaam kiya sp ko slap karke and rajveer rana aaye to sach ka pata chale and durga should have to run again for the family

  5. Thanks for d fastest update Amena but pls change d pic dear. Already v r missing ananya agarwal dats y.

  6. I like this serial a lot. It’s just so sad that the serial shows that a man’s ego can be so frail. Guy purposely disrespects woman, gets slapped and vows revenge for the slap. At this point I don’t think Durga should ever be with SP. He is, as she said in the party, not worthy to be her friend and the only friend he’s worthy of being is that of Aarti’s.

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