Meri Durga 27th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Rajveer gets the evidence

Meri Durga 27th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Durga saying we have to stop them here till Rajveer finds evidence. She requests Gayatri to become part of puja. Gayatri thinks to agree to act good. She does the aarti. Rajveer says I have to find the kalash. Sanjay says you here, do you want something. Rajveer says I was just seeing the beautiful antiques. Aarti comes. Rajveer turns to her. She gets shocked and thinks he is alive….

Yashpal says your puja should be done. He does Gayatri’s aarti. She says enough, give it to me. She keeps aarti plate. She says Aarti would be coming, we should go. Yashpal wishes Durga reaches on time and gets Rajveer out of Gayatri’s house. They leave. Aarti asks how is he alive. Sanjay says someone else died that day, thank God he got saved, She asks how do you know, where was

he. He says he was with Durga. She thinks he would have told everything to Durga. She asks where is Durga. He says he said he got ill while having fresh air outside, I got him. He asks Rajveer does he need anything. She thinks they are planning something.

She says I m glad seeing you alive. Rajveer says likewise I m also glad. She asks him not to go out. She says I will call doctor. Sanjay agrees. She thinks I won’t let you go. Sanjay asks Aarti to call doctor. She goes and gets shocked seeing Durga at the door. Durga thinks Aarti got to know about Rajveer, I have to take him, his life is imp than evidence. She thanks Sanjay for taking care of him. Aarti thinks to stop them. Durga gets Yashpal’s call and says yes, we are reaching. Rajveer sees kalash and asks Sanjay about it. Sanjay says its my Nani’s ashes, no idea why mum didn’t immerse it. Rajveer asks shall I go Mata rani darshan. Sanjay says sure. Rajveer goes and gets phone and letter from kalash. Durga asks Aarti about her engagement date. Aarti says its soon, we will invite you. She shows the ring and makes her upset. Sanjay sees Durga. Rajveer takes laddoo and says Durga, Mata Rani gave blessings, come now. Durga smiles.

They get shocked seeing Neelkant and Gayatri coming. Neelkant says I m glad seeing you here, we just came, you are going. Durga says he is unwell. Neelkant says then he will take his last breath in this house, he will be taken good care of here. Sanjay asks Rajveer to take rest. Neelkant calls Rajveer. He asks them to have something.

Yashpal waits for Rajveer and Durga. Neelkant says Durga is clever, she has won. Aarti says game is not over, I will win, I have you and SP with me. Rajveer gets his kerchief and sees the phone falling. He picks it. Neelkant sees him keeping something in pocket. He thinks he is hiding something. He asks Rajveer and Durga to go if they want. Gayatri and Aarti get shocked. Sanjay says I will drop you out. Durga says no thanks, we will go. They leave. Gayatri asks why did you let them go. Neelkant says Rajveer was hiding something, I have let him free to get him captive again.

Neelkant says I was finding proof everywhere, you have hidden it in my house. Rajveer beats goons. Neelkant aims gun at Durga and asks Rajveer to give the phone.

Update Credit to: Amena

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