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Meri Durga 27th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Durga saying I have to save Amrita from Madhav. Shri calls her innocent and asks her to go home. Durga thinks to have icecream. She recalls Rajveer’s words. She thinks its sugar water, I can have ice gola and run till bus stop. She collides with Kuljit. Kuljit keeps the icecreams and runs away. Durga picks the icecreams and runs after her.

Madhav says its special day today. Amrita asks why. He thinks to tell her something imp. He says I will say. She thinks what’s special today. He asks her to come. Durga gives the icecreams to Kuljit and asks why did you come running here. Kuljit asks why will I have icecream, you know runners can’t have icecreams, you want me to change my diet and lose. Durga asks why are you lying, I have seen you having icecream, have it, he is

your dad, why will you scold you. Kuljit says you are lying. Kuljit’s dad scolds Durga and throws icecream. He says tell your coach my daughter will lose you, all these plannings will be ruined. Durga says she is lying. He asks how dare you call her liar, she can never lie, go from here. Durga goes.

Durga says Kuljit is a liar like Sanjay, Kuljit’s dad is strange, I will see this later, I will see Madhav first. Madhav and Amrita are in exhibition. He smiles seeing her and takes a ring. Durga says I have to reach exhibition, I won’t let rent get less. The man likes the painting and asks its price. Madhav says 2000rs, its special painting. Amrita says 2000rs is much. The man says get this painting packed, its a beautiful painting, I did not see such Rasleela of Radha Krishna till now. Madhav says she has made this painting. The man pays money. She thanks him. Madhav gets the painting packed. Amrita thanks Madhav. Madhav says this happened because of your talents, I m just a medium to make you reach your destination. They have tea. A cloth falls over them. They see each other.

Madhav says I had to tell you something. She asks what is it. Durga reaches there and looks on. Madhav says I wanted to tell you something and did not get a chance, today its right time. Amrita asks him to keep money in his pocket first, if she loses, it will be problem. Durga comes and takes money. The ring falls.

Durga asks Madhav why is he taking money from Amrita, I came here to save Amrita from clever fox, he wants to make rent amount less. Madhav looks for ring. Amrita says Madhav always paid rent, why will he do this. Durga says she wants to skip rent for a year, he is trapping you. Madhav gets the ring box and keeps in pocket. Amrita asks Durga does she not have to go school. Durga says school got over. Madhav asks them to stop it and come.

Amrita tells Yashpal that she earned money by her paintings. She gives money to him. Durga asks him to keep it fast. Annapurna thanks Madhav for giving such good chance to Amrita. Madhav says I value art, Amrita is talented, I m just encouraging her talent. Sheela says maybe someone known bought painting to raise her confidence. Madhav says no, they did not know Amrita, they saw painting and bought it. Yashpal asks Sheela why is she thinking this. He praises Amrita that she is self made and does not need anyone’s support. Amrita takes everyone’s blessings.

Aarti tells Kuljit about Durga’s strengths. She says we both want same thing, that Durga gets out of race, else your Papa will not forgive you. Kuljit gets in her words. Aarti says I will help you in making Durga lose. They join hands.

Yashpal gets dizzy. He falls down. Bantu gets shocked and shouts to call everyone. Annapurna asks Yashpal what happened to him. Sheela gets water and asks shall I call doctor. He says no need, I can’t take leave, exams started, I have to go. He leaves. Annapurna worries. Shri acts like Rajveer. Rajveer sees them and thinks they are having fun doing my mimicry. He claps for Shri and says thanks for great idea, Durga has to race with me. Durga says no, I can’t. He asks her to try. He asks Shri to see Durga does not cheat. Durga and Rajveer race.

Madhav says no manager took this risk before. Sanjay troubles Durga and gets an idea to make her lose. Rajveer trains Durga. Durga sees Kuljit.

Update Credit to: Amena

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