Meri Durga 27th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Meri Durga 27th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with union guy taunting Durga for being so clever and avoiding running. He asks her did she not take steroids. She asks him to stop nonsense. He says I respect you, all girls run after SP, you took a stand for yourself and slapped SP, well done, I m really sorry. He goes. Aarti says I did not know Durga will do this. Sanjay says you should have done something, you got me insulted, use your brains. She asks are you fighting with me because of her, you fixed my race without asking me, don’t know how she got that scary track, its not fair, you thought I will spoil my feet for you and her. Yashpal comes to Sanjay. Sanjay thinks who is he. Yashpal removes the mask.

Bantu gets tensed. Sheela says what will he say, I m his mum, its my duty to speak from his side, just do justice now,

I m also part of Sarpanch, I want justice and I ask for this house division. Dadi and Brij get shocked. Dadi scolds Sheela. Sanjay says I remember you, Durga’s dad. Yashpal says yes.

Sanjay asks what are you seeing. Yashpal says I m seeing you really look good, or do you have something in you. Sanjay says so Durga got scared and sent you as my bodyguard. Yashpal asks him to recall Durga giving him solid answer, she insulted you well, I will give you a challenge, you make her run and show me, she did not run since 5 years, I could not make her run till now, if you make her run, I will accept there is something in you, do you agree. Sanjay says sorry, she is not made to run, you are elder and I respect you, I don’t respect her, I can do a lot to make her run but…. Yashpal says I came with hope. Sanjay says don’t keep any hope, I don’t want to do injustice with other athletes, your daughter was representing our school and got defamed, its good you said she left running, I don’t want to see her running. Yashpal says this was my last hope.

Brij says I m Bantu’s dad and have right to speak, Bantu got raised here, will he able to stay alone, leaving family, its not a solution. Sheela argues. Brij asks her to think of keeping family united. Sarpanch asks them to calm down. He asks them to solve personal matter at home, else after one week, Panchayat will decide. They all leave.

Doctor comes to see Rajveer. Rajveer drinks wine and falls. Doctor gives him injections. Doctor says you will just say truth by this injection and say secrets, which is important for me to know. Neelkant comes and says I m coming here since five years, but he did not tell me what I want to know. Doctor says don’t worry, I gave him the dose, he will say truth. Neelkant asks Rajveer his name and about Durga. Rajveer says Durga…. and recalls her. Neelkant asks where is that phone. Rajveer says that proof. Neelkant says yes, recall where is it. Sheela argues with Brij.

He asks her to accept her mistake. Sheela says I want this house division. Yashpal and Durga get shocked. Neelkant asks where’s that phone. Rajveer says I don’t remember. Doctor asks him to sleep. Neelkant says he does not remember anything. Doctor says maybe he does not remember because of wine addiction, maybe he won’t be able to say the truth. Neelkant says I have to know this truth, if he gets memory and tells about the phone, it won’t be good for me, find out about that phone. Doctor asks what’s in that phone. Neelkant says mind your business, get the phone. He leaves.

Durga asks Yashpal to stop the division. Sheela makes them build a wall and divides the house. Durga cries.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Very interesting episode today…. High voltage indeed! Keep the good work on!

  2. no cute scene betwn durga and sp today ……….. feel so bad for the coach………….

  3. I wish someone will save Ranaji soon… It really breaks my heart to see how he is suffering at the hands of these cruel and unscrupulous scoundrels. Maybe the doctor will take pity on him and rescue him… Or just maybe the arrogant SP himself will find about the dirty secret of his father and his friend Arti! But please makers of Meri Durga don’t make him suffer for too long: he deserves better!

  4. Please make the truth to be come in front

  5. Can’t believe that Rana has been suffering for so long. I know the makers of the show will take a hell lot of time to disclose all the truth in front of all.
    Also, why Durga is being such a scaredy cat. Oh and Annapurna’s silence irks me a lot.

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